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Considerations For Selecting Your Perfect Outdoor Furniture in Singapore

Whether it’s a veranda, porch, patio or deck, if you have it in Singapore, your outdoor living space is an essential part of the home. The outdoor furniture you choose for this prime setting should be taken as seriously as your indoor furniture, and not as an afterthought. An important element when deciding which outdoor furniture to buy will include how much space you have.

Once you’ve given thought to this important element you’ll need to think about the various other factors like budget, materials, functionality and style.

Space & Capacity

While assessing space may seem like an obvious consideration for outdoor furniture, many people don’t take exact measurements. This often results in the outdoor space becoming too cluttered.

While taking measurements, you’ll also need to consider how your outdoor setting is shaped. Much like a living room, the outdoor shape will determine both the size and potential groupings of outdoor furniture. Remember to leave enough space to allow for people to walk around comfortably.

Larger areas like wooden decks can accommodate spacious outdoor dining sets, while long, narrow porches might be better suited for a few outdoor chairs or even stools.

After thinking about space, consider the capacity of your outdoor living area, especially the need for storage. Remember that some outdoor furniture items double up as storage, so you can pack all your cushions and pillows away neatly when not in use so extend their life.

Weather in Singapore

There’s no point in purchasing expensive outdoor furniture with an elegant design if it’s going to erode and ruin fairly quickly. Some materials weather better than others.

Woods like teak, meranti or cedar, are great for outdoors as they are naturally rot resistant in the case of moist and rainy weather. Chemically treated timber will also help to prevent rot in muggy conditions.

If you live in a notoriously windy area, you’ll be better suited buying heavier furniture. A sturdy metal like stainless steel is great for windy conditions, but hollow aluminium will blow away with the slightest of gusts. You could always fasten your outdoor tables to the ground, but this will mean they are stuck in position if you ever need to move things around.

Choose more durable outdoor furniture like cast or wrought aluminium, robust woods or stainless steel for harsh heat and sea breeze. To best maintain your pieces, you should know how to clean your outdoor furniture in Singapore.

Style & Functionality

Style can make or break your outdoor setting. A great outdoor furniture set can turn a drab and dreary common area into an entertainment hub for family and guests. Just like with interior furniture, consider your colour scheme, design and decor.

Think of design features like outdoor lightings to create a warm mood for evening BBQs or night-time games, or outdoor rugs that will weather all elements and add a splash of colour. Add a patterned umbrella for fun, throw a few cushions for flare or drape your outdoor lounges with bright covers.

Functionality can also really add to your outdoor space. If your outdoor furniture will be used for relaxing by the pool, consider getting a recliner or daybed. Kids will enjoy more fun and interactive outdoor furniture pieces such as large rattan swing chairs. If you love to play host, then a large outdoor dining table with varying seating options from benches to chairs would fit just right.

Last but not least, your outdoor space can also be upgraded with stylish and elegant accessories such as rugs, cushions, curtains, sun umbrellas and lighting that will not only enhance your home but also extend the usage of your patio or backyard and give it a personal touch.

If you plan to enjoy your space during the evening, think about the right lighting that will create a warm and welcoming space. Umbrellas, curtains or blinds are a must for lunches and lazy afternoons.