Bench seats are versatile and functional. At the dining table, this slim piece of furniture offers the flexibility to fit a couple more guests. Placed in entryways, benches create a warm and welcoming first impression. Wherever they're positioned, these good-looking seats will fit well.

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Doris Bench
Solid Wood Frame
Miles Bench
Low-Profile, Metal Hardware
Freida Performance Bouclé Storage Bench
Spill-Resistant Cover, Gaslift Storage

2 sizes available

Casa Bench
Wide Blade Legs, Chamfer Stop Detail

2 sizes available

Bradley Bench
Honey Oak, Natural Wood Knots

2 sizes available

Seb Dining Bench
Acacia Wood, Padded Bench

2 sizes available

Sloane Dining Bench
Fluted Panels, Leather Cushion

2 sizes available

Callie Slipcovered L-Shape Storage Banquette
Machine Washable Cover, Hidden Storage
Callie Slipcovered Extended L-Shape Storage Banquette
Machine Washable Cover, Hidden Storage
Callie Storage Banquette Bench
Machine Washable Cover, Hidden Storage
Callie Single Storage Banquette
Machine Washable Cover, Hidden Storage
Callie Corner Storage Banquette
Machine Washable Cover, Hidden Storage


Dining benches colours and materials

There are various seating options in Singapore for your dining table. You could choose individual dining chairs with each person having their own seat. However, if space is at a premium (like in Singaporean HDB flats, BTO units or apartments) you might prefer dining benches, with space for two, three or more people on each. These cut down on the space required per seat and can be tucked away when not in use. Dining benches can be made from many materials, including wood and metal, with padded cushions for extra comfort optional. Of course, you can always choose to mix up your dining sets, with a mixture of chairs and benches giving you greater flexibility. Dining bench seats need to be sturdy and stylish, and you’ll find plenty of both in our range.

Style choices for dining benches in Singapore

The bench is a simple design. A flat seating area is extended between supports at either end. But within this design, there is plenty of scope for flourishes and style touches. For example, you could choose a bench with four individual wooden or metal legs or a design with a block end. There are a variety of wood finishes and cushioned seats available too, with benches suitable for a selection of design styles from mid-century retro to modern.

Storage and accessories

Dining benches can be neatly stored under the table, if short enough, which can free up a lot of space in your dining area. Some also come with in-built draws for even better storage solutions. Our benches come in a choice of sizes to fit different dining table options, with fabric cushions in neutral tones that work in any space. Combined with other storage and shelves, you can save much needed space in any room and still have access to everything you need at meal times.


Do dining benches save space?

A dining bench tucks seamlessly away under the table, which makes it a great space saver. They’re a perfect solution for big families, allowing you to fit more people along a bench than you can with individual chairs. They’re great for entertaining too.

Should a dining bench be as long as the table?

The dining bench should either be equal to the length of the table or slightly shorter. Full length benches are ideal for maximising seating space and can be tucked-in to save space when it’s at a premium (like in Singaporean HDB flats, BTO units or apartments).

How tall should a dining bench be?

The standard bench height is generally between 18 and 20 inches (45 to 50 cm) in Singapore. The bench height refers to the distance from the seat to the ground. However, it does depend on the height of your table. It is essential that your bench is the right height to allow people to sit comfortably with their legs under the tabletop.

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