After a long day at work, sink your toes into the comfort of a soft rug as you unwind on your sofa. After all, there's nothing quite like coming home to cosiness. Our collection of handmade rugs and runners are made for all that, and more.

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Length (cm)
Bed Slat Height
Rug Size
Seat Comfort
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Seat Softness
Desi Wool Area Rug
Low Pile, Speckled Brown Tones
Lorenzo Wool Area Rug
100% Wool, Handwoven
Tessa Cotton Area Rug
Cotton, Handwoven
Marc Oval Jute Rug
No Pile, Handwoven
Nova Cotton Area Rug
No Pile, Handwoven, Ombré
Lilou Jute Area Rug
Moisture-Resistant, Durable
Aziza Area Rug
HIgh Pile, Black Geometric Pattern
Ventura Jute Area Rug
No Pile, Handwoven
Yara Jute Area Rug
Braided Jute, Handwoven
Odessa Jute Area Rug
No Pile, Handwoven
Cora Wool Area Rug
New Zealand Wool Blend, Handloom Knot
Mira Wool Area Rug
100% New Zealand Wool, Handtufted
Talia Wool Area Rug
100% Wool, Handtufted Linear Pattern
Odessa Jute Runner
Odessa Jute Runner
No Pile, Handwoven
Inez Wool Area Rug
100% New Zealand Wool, Handwoven Loop
Atmore Wool Area Rug
100% Wool, Handtufted Geometric Design
Monet Wool Area Rug
100% Wool, Handloomed Distressed Look
Marc Round Jute Rug
100% Jute, No Pile, Handwoven
Lilou Jute Runner
Moisture-Resistant, Durable
Desi Wool Runner
Low Pile, Speckled Brown Tones
Lorenzo Wool Runner
100% Wool, Handwoven
Aziza Runner
Polyester, High Pile, Handmade
Nova Cotton Runner
No Pile, Handwoven, Ombré


Rug colours and materials

Rugs in Singapore come in all shapes and sizes, in a selection of colours and a choice of materials – some of which are more suited to some spaces than others. Rugs also have many purposes, depending on where in the home they are placed. For example, in the living room a rug can be used to tie together a colour scheme or break up a vast expanse of floor. It can also add warmth and texture to an empty space, or even be used to protect the carpet underneath from wear and tear. If your rug is for protection, then a hard-wearing material like jute is ideal, and also adds a natural fibre feel. For a softer and more comfortable feel, choose a wool blend in a choice of colours and patterns. Your colour choices can also be reflected in other soft furnishings, such as cushion pillows and sofa covers. When it comes to a rug for the dining room, size would be a key consideration.

Style choices for rugs in Singapore

Perhaps the first choice you have to make concerns the size and shape of your rug. Do you want a large square or rectangular rug for your space or will a round or oval rug be better suited? Think about the impact the material will have on your space too. Do you prefer tight natural fibres such as jute or a longer fibre, softer and shaggier appearance? You also have to choose between block colours and patterned rugs and floor mats – and be aware that the lighting in your space can also affect the way your rug looks on the floor.

Storage and accessories

There are not really any storage options to consider with rugs, but you can accessorise your rug with other soft furnishings. In many ways, a rug ties a room together and can be a focal point, so you can use the colour and pattern as a touchstone for other items of furniture, such as cushions, curtains, bean bags/poufs and more.


How to clean a rug in Singapore?

Rugs benefit from regular cleaning in the form of vacuuming but every once in a while, it is a good idea to take it outside to an open space, vacuum both sides and potentially give it a hard to moderate beating with something flat. This will knock out some of the more stubborn dust. You can also shampoo a rug in the same way you would a carpet. Just make sure it is 100% dry before you lay it back down.

Can I wash my rug in the washing machine?

Most rugs with a rubber back and made from cotton or synthetic materials can occasionally be washed in the machine. Try to avoid over washing as this can damage the rubber. If your rug is made from wool or natural fibres such as jute, then it is not recommended to wash it in a machine.

What size of rug is perfect for the living room?

Living room rugs in Singapore generally come in standard sizes including 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’. However, it does depend on the size of your living room. In general, make sure that your rug is at least 6” wider than the sofa on both sides and covers a walkway between the sofa and coffee table.

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