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Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Dining and entertaining outside is one of life’s great pleasures. So, why not do it in style with a comfortable and on trend outdoor suite consisting of a durable table, cushions and some elegant outdoor dining chairs?

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Outdoor Dining Chairs

How to choose outdoor furniture?

When the weather is right, there is nothing better than throwing open the doors and living life outside. Of course, in order to make the most of your outdoor dining experience you need the right furniture to accommodate you and any guests you might want to invite to dine. Outdoor furniture needs to suit both your style and space. If you have a more intimate outdoor area such as a small garden, terrace or yard, then a two- or four-person table and chairs might be the best solution. If you have a bigger garden or outdoor area then you can choose a six, eight or even bigger dining suite. As well as dining, you can also create an outdoor lounge area with sofas, chairs, or suites.

What type of material is best for outdoor furniture?

One of the main considerations for outdoor furniture is that it is kept in the open air, exposed to the sun, wind, and rain. Over time this can cause issues with some materials, such as rusting on metal and rotting of wooden products. Plastic can also fade and crack when exposed to too much light. Of course, some materials are much more suited to outside use than others. For example, treated or painted metal or stainless steel can be very durable and offer years of valuable service. With wood, it depends on both the type of tree it comes from and the treatments that are applied. Some harder woods like oak and teak are much more suited to outdoor use than others, like softer pine or cedar.

How to care for your outdoor furniture?

No matter what materials your outdoor dining area is made from, you need to look after and protect your investment in order to give it the maximum possible use life. Principally that means using outdoor furniture covers to protect your outdoor dining tables and chairs. This will protect it from too much exposure to sunlight and will keep it as dry as possible when the weather is wetter. A suitable cover can add years to the lifespan of your furniture, as can the right treatment. Making sure that wood is regularly treated to a light sand and a new coat of varnish or paint will also prevent damage, and storing it away somewhere dry during the winter months is also recommended.


Can you use metal dining chairs outside?

Yes, you can use metal dining chairs outside. You need to make sure they are suitable for outside use, and treated with an appropriate finish to ensure that they don’t rust easily. Use a furniture cover and store somewhere safe and dry to prolong use life.

How can I make my patio chairs more comfortable?

To make your outdoor dining furniture more comfortable you can add soft furnishing accessories such as seat cushions and throws. This will soften harder surfaces like wood or metal and make your seating area a much more pleasant place to be.

How thick should an outdoor chair cushion be?

Any kind of cushion can take away the hard edge of a solid chair or bench but for the maximum level of comfort, try and aim for a minimum of around 3 to 5 cm of depth for your cushions.

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