A dresser can double up as both storage for clothing, and a handy surface to put your knickknacks on. Pick from our wide selection of dresser to fit your living space.

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Dressers and Drawers for the Bedroom

Also known as a chest of drawers, dressers offer multiple compact storage spaces for all your knick-knacks in one place. Organise your items easily with a multitude of drawers of various sizes for all your different types of items, be it clothes, cosmetics, or just miscellaneous.

Dressers can come as tall or wide dressers, depending on how many drawers it has or the design style. When deciding on what type of dresser to opt for, it always helps to plan where you would want to place the dresser beforehand and measure the area to have an idea of what size the dresser can fit. Sometimes, tall or wide dressers can have the same number of drawers despite their size differences, so ensure the measurements are correct.

Extra storage for the household

Storage space is always in demand, especially in Singapore where apartments are aplenty. Organise your extra clothes or books with ease in a multitude of drawers, choosing between 3-drawer dressers or 4-drawer dressers to suit the number of items you need to store. For those with a big wardrobe collection, the clothes dressers should be wider to comfortably fit the collection. A good option for this would be a 6-drawer dresser with more drawers and storage space. However, do keep in mind that 6-drawer dressers can be wider, and would require more space.

While dressers can be placed anywhere in the home for extra storage space, most prefer to keep it in their bedrooms or living rooms for easy access and as decorative or statement furniture. Bedroom dressers are usually 3 drawer dressers to minimise space used in the room but have drawers big enough for your bedroom needs. Given their ample drawer space, dressers can also be used as extra storage for clothes.

Wood dressers and chest of drawers

While dressers may come in various materials, Castlery specialises in wood dressers, particularly in mid-century modern designs. Being one of the more durable materials, wood dressers are made to last for many years and are also versatile in design.

These mid-century modern dressers are suitable for all homes and room styles with its easy complementary wood textures and designs, but fitting interior decor with similar wooden design styles best. There are many ways to style your dresser easily; include a mirror on the dresser to create the illusion of more space, or simply adorn it with plants or a designer lamp.

Child-proofing Dressers and Drawers

Keep your dresser secure and safe for kids by anchoring the dresser to your walls. Especially if the drawers are filled with heavier items such as books, or if you have children or pets that may attempt to climb the dresser, anchored dressers would be safer as they would not trip and fall.


Where do I place a dresser in my home?

Dressers are usually placed in the bedroom for ease of access, but some homes do prefer to keep them in the living room for miscellaneous storage. Ultimately, this also depends on how much space you have for each room and if it is big enough to accommodate the dresser.

What are the different types of dressers?

While all dressers have various design configurations, the main differences between each are the number of drawers, and its width or length depending on if they are tall or wide dressers.

Is there enough space in my room for a dresser?

It is always wise to measure the area of the room where you may want to place the dresser, and specifically look for dressers that fit within that area when shopping. You can also factor in extra allowance space just for safety. Product pages include dresser dimensions for your reference, so keep these figures in mind when you do your measuring.