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Why Castlery’s 3 new sofa collections perfectly embody 2021 design trends

“The Owen, Madison and Isaac collections all feature clean lines and compact proportions with distinct details that make them suitable for a wide range of style and different spatial functions.”
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Design news: Castlery’s cool app, and new online stores for ultra-chic home goods

“Going beyond merely online shopping, it has unveiled a new app with plenty of nifty features rolled into one – including augmented reality (AR) capabilities that allow you to virtually outfit your home with true-to-scale 3D models, right down to details such as the fabric and leather textures.”
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Furniture stores turn to AR to survive coronavirus pandemic

“The design of the [Castlery] app addressed a key issue that plagued online shopping - the lack of a tactile quality only possible in a physical store.”
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Online furniture retailers turn to AR to reach consumers amid the pandemic

“As people continue to stay home amid the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers such as online furniture shop Castlery are turning to augmented reality (AR) to bring the shopping experience to consumers.”
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6 must-have apps for every homeowner

“Beautiful furniture is easy enough to find but knowing how to pair it with your existing decor can be tough. That’s where the new Castlery app comes in!”
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Decor shopping on a budget? It’s affordable furniture stores in Singapore to the rescue!

“Talk about a one-stop-shop! It’s hard to imagine what our home looked like before we discovered Castlery. The store is, quite simply, a treasure trove of high-quality, modern furniture that’s affordable.”
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Where to buy sofas with washable, removable covers in Singapore

“We have the Pebble collection on our radar, which comes in on-trend forest green (also perfect for finding marks). If you’re on the fence about green, soften the look with some pink pillows (trust us, it works, check out the pics on the online reviews for more fab inspiration!)”
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8 small details that give your HDB instant hotel vibes for staycations at home

“You can easily find pieces to set the tone at Castlery, a one-stop shop for high quality yet wallet-friendly furniture and home accessories. This includes gold-accented furniture, statement shelves, sculptural lights and elegant pieces that can turn your house into a permanent getaway spot.”
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Furniture retail 2.0

“While most other comparable digital retailers may focus 90 per cent of their budget on marketing and 10 per cent on product development, home-grown furniture retailer Castlery does the reverse.”
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"Furniture was either IKEA or expensive" - How Castlery grew a multimillion biz from a basement

“From 2014 to 2015, the team enjoyed a “surprising” growth rate of 300% to 400%. Their $2,000 revenue also rocketed to $200,000. Given typical furniture prices, their $700-$2,000 sofas were perfect to “plug the gap” in a mid-range market.”
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The Life interview with Declan Ee: Castlery's co-founder carves a niche in the furniture market

“For homeowners looking for stylish, affordable designs in between mass-market flat-pack furniture and pricey luxury brands, Castlery fills the mid-range market nicely.”
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