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Queen Sized Beds and Bed Frames

Queen Sized Beds and Bed Frames

Give your bedroom a touch of luxury with a queen size bed frame. Perfect for people who like to stretch out, relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep, a queen bed will help your bedroom look and feel more indulgent.

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Bed Slat Height
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Dalton Storage Bed
Wingback Headboard, 3 Drawers Storage
Joseph Bed, Walnut
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Rochelle Performance Bouclé Bed
Spill-Resistant, Wooden Poster Legs
Seb Bed
Acacia Wood, Padded Headboard
Dawson Storage Bed
Low Profile Bed, Gaslift Storage
Madison Bed
Grid Tufted, Open Base, Tall Headboard
Dawson Bed
Low Profile Platform Bed
Lexi Tufted Bed
Channel Tufted Winged Headboard
Adams Bed
Upholstered Headboard & Steel Legs
Emery Bed
Fluted Timber Headrest, Floating Base
Claude Performance Fabric Bed
Spill-Resistant, Floating Nightstands
Crescent Bed
Solid Mindi Wood Frame
Joseph Bed, Bouclé
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Dalton Bed
Wingback Headboard
Joseph Bed
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats

Queen Sized Beds and Bed Frames

Why choose a queen size bed?

Larger than a double, but smaller than a king, a queen size bed frame is one of the most popular choices for master and guest bedrooms. Thanks to their generous proportions, queen bed frames offer plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable. Complete your queen bed frame with a queen size mattress and bedding for a room that looks truly irresistible.

How to find the right queen size bed frame for your home?

Thanks to their popularity, queen bed frames are available in a wide selection of colours and styles. This makes it easy to find a design that works perfectly with your existing interior décor.

If you’ve gone for a contemporary Scandi-style look in your bedroom, choose one of our light, bright grey bed frames. Understated and stylish, this neural tone will add character and classic charm to your bedroom.

For a more retro look, choose one of our wooden bed frames. Mid-century modern interiors look fantastic when furnished with natural materials. So, why not choose a wooden queen size frame for your vintage bedroom and complete your interior design theme?

Fabric bed frames are another option for your new queen size bed. Tactile and attractive, a fabric frame will help to soften the look of your room and make it feel even more welcoming.

If you’re considering buying a modern bed frame online for your master suite, a queen size frame is the perfect choice. Find out more, and start searching for the perfect frame for your home, by taking a look through our collection today.

What materials are your queen size beds made of?

Our queen beds at Castlery Singapore are crafted from a diverse range of high-quality materials, each chosen for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and suitability to the local climate and lifestyle.

Solid pine and acacia wood are favoured for their robust nature and beautiful grain, making them ideal for crafting timeless wooden frames. Solid Mindi and fluted timber’s unique textures and strength make them perfect statement pieces that stand out in any bedroom. For eco-conscious consumers, we provide options like rubber wood and poplar plywood, known for their resilience and smooth finishes even in Singapore’s humid climate.

Materials such as steel and laminated veneer lumber offer a more modern look with their sleek aesthetics and exceptional durability, complemented by soft bouclé and performance fabrics for ample comfort in a contemporary aesthetic.

What colours do your queen beds come in?

The colour palette for our queen beds is thoughtfully selected to complement a wide range of interior decor styles and aesthetics. Neutral shades like beige, grey, and white offer a subtle, calming ambiance ideal for relaxing bedroom environments.

For those seeking a more vibrant aesthetic – perhaps in the Mid-century modern or Eclectic styles – richer autumnal tones such as brown, yellow, and red can add a dynamic splash of colour to your space. Whereas multi-colored designs are perfect for those looking to make a bold and unique statement in their bedroom.

How do I care for my queen size beds?

Simple yet effective practices can be undertaken to help ensure your queen bed’s longevity. Wooden frames should be dusted regularly and treated with the right wood cleaners to prevent damage and maintain their appearance. Fabric bed frames require vacuuming with an upholstery attachment to remove dust and may need fabric protectors to guard against spills and stains. Metal frames can be kept in excellent condition by wiping them down with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and prevent any potential rust.

What types of queen bed frames does Castlery carry?

At Castlery, our selection of queen bed frames are designed and curated to meet various needs and preferences of Singaporean homeowners and residents. Those who live in smaller apartments or studio flats will appreciate the added space efficiency of a storage bed, which doubles up as a place to sleep as well to store everyday clothes or treasures alike. Platform beds offer a sleek, modern look along with sturdy support, and headboard frames are available in a range of styles from minimalist to ornate, serving as stunning focal points in any bedroom setting.

Browse our most popular bed frames by type, colour or size


Can a full size mattress fit on a queen size bed frame?

If you invest in a queen size bed frame, it’s best to match it with a queen size mattress. If you use a smaller, double mattress, you won’t be taking full advantage of the generous proportions of the queen size bed, while a king, or super king, size mattress will extend over the sides of the bed and look a little untidy.

What is the width of a queen size bed frame?

Queen size mattresses are around 160cm wide and 200cm long. Your queen size bed frame is likely to be a little larger than this to ensure the mattress sits comfortably.

Can I put a queen bed on a full frame?

Putting a double mattress on a queen frame will leave you with gaps between the frame and the mattress. This is because double mattresses are a little smaller than queen size frames. Where possible, always use the same size frame and mattress, this will ensure your bed looks great and feels comfortable.

Where is the best place to buy queen bed frames?

The best place to buy queen bed frames is undoubtedly Castlery. Our online furniture store in Singapore features a comprehensive selection of contemporary queen size bed frames that cater to various tastes and room themes. Whether you're looking for a minimalist design or a luxurious, ornate frame, Castlery offers high-quality options that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our modern bedroom furniture sets also make it a breeze to purchase matching bedroom furniture all at once, streamlining your home furnishing adventure even further.

Do you deliver queen size bed frames and bases to all parts of the country?

Yes, Castlery offers islandwide delivery across Singapore for our queen size beds and bed frames. However, for certain condominiums, private apartments and offices located in the central business district (CBD), our delivery partners may face restrictions such as vehicular height limits, parking restrictions, or delivery cut-off times. Should your delivery attempt be rejected by building management, your delivery will be rescheduled with a 10% restocking fee for orders valued below $500, or a flat fee of $100 for orders valued $500 and above. Find out more about Castlery’s delivery policy.

Does Castlery offer free shipping?

Standard Delivery is free with a minimum spend of $300 in a single order, including delivery during non-peak delivery time slots into your room of choice, and full assembly for selected items. Additional charges apply for peak hour delivery slots. Find out more about Castlery’s delivery policy.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery lead times may vary depending on the product being shipped and the number of items in your order, amongst other factors. Individual lead times for each product are available on their product pages, or you may reach out to the Castlery team for more information on estimated delivery dates.

To facilitate a smooth home furnishing process for our customers, Castlery is pleased to offer up to two (2) months free storage from estimated delivery dates. After two months, storage charges will be levied at 5% of the item value per month. You may request for item storage in the ‘Special Request’ section during checkout. Find out more about Castlery’s delivery policy.

What payment methods does Castlery accept?

Castlery currently accepts payment via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Cheque, Bank Transfer, Google Pay and PayPal. Payment via instalment is available for cash or credit card transactions with selected banks – find out more about paying via instalment at Castlery. All payments are charged in SGD and full payment has to be received before your order is dispatched.

Do you offer a warranty on your furniture?

Castlery takes the safety and quality of our products seriously, which is why we offer limited warranties of up to ten (10) years on our products, varying across different items. Wooden queen bed frames come with a one (1) year limited warranty, while all other non-wooden queen bed frames come with three (3) year limited warranty for the frame and one (1) year limited warranty for all other components (e.g. soft furnishings, movable mechanisms, legs). Find out more about Castlery’s product warranty policies.

Can I cancel my order after it has been confirmed?

We believe satisfaction is key to building a home that you feel truly comfortable in. That’s why we offer a five (5) full business day period when you may cancel your order and get a refund with no additional charge. To do so, simply contact us at least five business days before the date of agreed delivery, not including the day you inform Castlery of the cancellation.

Any cancellation requests received within five business days of the agreed delivery date will be subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the price sold per line item (after discounts, if applicable).

Items marked “Customised”, “Customisable” or on clearance/sale will not be eligible for changes and cancellations. Find out more about Castlery’s sales, refund, and cancellation policy.

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