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4 Ideas to Repurpose Furniture Into Holiday Decor

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

The holiday season is a time of magic and wonder, a time when our hearts are warmed by the spirit of giving and our homes are filled with holiday decor.

While the idea of decking the halls with the usual array of decor sounds wonderful, why not elevate the season ahead with the little things by repurposing your furniture into holiday-themed wonders? By doing so, you strip back and focus on what really matters - infusing your space with intentionality and mindfulness that will make your heart feel full.

We share 4 ideas to turn everyday pieces into holiday decor, inviting you to appreciate the simple joys this season!

4 ideas to incorporate furniture into holiday decor

Shelf turned seasonal statement piece

You may not have the space for a Christmas tree, but you probably already have a shelf in your home. Why not take a unique spin and create a seasonal statement piece using the shelving unit instead?

This decor idea offers a twist on the traditional Christmas tree while retaining all the festive charm.

Start by adorning it with lights, ornaments, and candles. Hang your favorite ornaments from the shelves using hooks and place a star or an angel on the very top shelf. Add some pops of freshness with fresh sprigs of holly or evergreen branches.

The Sloane Shelf has been turned into a seasonal statement piece with ornaments and evergreen branches.

To further add to the Christmas spirit, place wrapped gifts at the base of the shelf as you would do at the bottom of a Christmas tree!

The result is a one-of-a-kind statement piece that's perfect for small spaces or for adding a touch of holiday magic to any room.

Console table becomes a holiday mantelpiece

Not every home has a traditional fireplace, but you can mimic the cosiness of a fireplace with a console table or TV console. This decor idea brings the ambiance of a crackling fire into your home and creates a cosy focal point for your holiday gatherings.

Hang festive stockings along the front using adhesive tape or hooks and fill them with small treats or presents. You can use matching socks or unique ones for each member of the family.

The Sloane Console Table turned into a makeshift mantelpiece.

Decorate the surface of the sideboard with a beautiful holiday wreath, candles, pinecones, and some greenery to complete the look.

This makeshift fireplace mantelpiece provides the perfect focal point for gathering around, sharing stories, and feeling the warmth of the holiday season.

Dining table centrepiece magic

Your dining table can become a true centrepiece of your holiday decor. Adorn your dining table with a burlap runner and wooden plate chargers. Add pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and sprigs of holly to create a cosy Yuletide setting.

If you’re using candles, you can even repurpose glass bottles as candlestick holders! Not only do the glass bottles catch the melted wax, but they also create a beautiful setup.

The Brighton Oval Dining Table is beautifully decorated with tableware, greenery, and glass bottles repurposed as candlestick holders.

Don’t neglect the dining chairs! Place small wreaths on the backs of the chairs and secure them with ribbons or twine. You can also attach faux snow using cotton wool or simply draping a white cloth over the seats.

You can even create a holiday-themed display on the dining table - such as a charming miniature Christmas snow village. This will definitely be a hit with children and even adults alike.

Make your table setting a reflection of your holiday spirit, and it will become a cherished place for family and friends to gather and share meaningful meals.

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Sideboard turned drinks bar

Turning a sideboard into a drinks bar is a great idea to create a stylish and functional space during holiday gatherings. This provides a central and easily accessible location for serving drinks and eliminates the need for guests to continuously visit the kitchen.

Display an assortment of glassware such as wine glasses, cocktail glasses, tumblers, mugs, and stirrers. Use decorative trays or containers to keep loose items like sugar sachets or lemon slices organised.

The Lily Sideboard turned into a makeshift drinks bar. Picture credits: @cozyspaceinterior and @hausonthehorizon.

Decorate the sideboard bar area with decor such as garlands, string lights, or festive banners. You can also add a table runner or a piece of fabric in a holiday motif.

Incorporating these creative ideas into your holiday decor not only adds a unique and personal touch but allows you to make use of what you already have. The intentionality behind these repurposed furniture pieces adds an extra layer of meaning to your holiday season. After the season, you can easily remove the decor for everyday use.

So, get ready to transform your furniture into holiday magic, and let the warmth and charm of the season fill your home!

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