The foundation of a good night's sleep is all based on how comfortable both your bed and bedding can make you feel. Not all bedding is created equal, and it’s well worth investing in some bedding that suits the way you sleep, as well as adding valuable style points to your sleeping space.


Singapore Bedding colours and materials

Bedding is the general term for the sheets, pillow cases, cushion covers, mattresses, duvets and blankets that we use to dress our bed and create a comfortable environment for the best night’s sleep possible. We spend around a third of our lives in bed so it’s well worth investing in bedding that makes you feel as comfortable and content as possible. That means choosing good quality materials such as cotton or silk that are smooth, soft and feel great against your skin.

Of course, bedding is not all about pure comfort, it also plays a very important role in the look and feel of your bedroom space. Bedding is available in a large choice of colours and patterns, so choose some that really draws together your design style.

Style choices for bedding in Singapore

There are a few big bedding style choices that you need to make. Do you choose block colours that complement your other bedroom furniture such as bedside tables and bed frames? Or do you choose patterned bedding to draw the eye? Take note that thread count would also affect how comfortable your bed feels. Your choice of bedding is to a large part dictated by your existing bedroom set up. The size of your bedframe and choice of bedding materials such as duvets, pillows and throw cushions can all affect what kind of bedding styles you choose for your home.

Bedding and storage

The beauty of bedding is that you can have several sets that can be easily swapped out to completely change the look and feel of your whole bedroom space. It’s an easy and affordable way to mix up your style choices but does mean you need to have ample and suitable storage for bedding in and around your bedroom. Check out our range of bedroom storage furniture in Singapore such as bedside tables, cupboards and sets of drawers where you can store your bedding sets ready for your next changeover, or if you're limited in space, consider a bed with storage.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers serve as versatile and practical bedding accessories with various functional uses. They protect the duvet insert from dirt, stains, and wear, extending its lifespan. They also offer easy maintenance, as they are removable and machine washable, simplifying cleaning routines. If you're looking to change up the look of your bedroom quickly, duvet covers allow for effortless style changes in the bedroom, enabling users to switch decor themes without replacing the entire duvet. With a wide range of designs and materials available, duvet covers cater to individual preferences and provide seasonal adaptability. When purchasing duvet covers, it is essential to know the right size of your duvet; whether it's a king-size or queen-size duvet. Overall, these covers combine functionality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, making them essential elements in modern bedding setups.

Pillow Cases

Pillowcases are essential bedding accessories that serve various functional purposes. Primarily, they act as protective barriers, safeguarding pillows from dirt, oils, and allergens, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic sleeping environment. They facilitate easy maintenance, as they can be easily removed and washed. Pillowcases also contribute to sleep comfort by offering a soft and smooth surface for the face and head. When purchasing pillowcases, consider the material: options like perscale cotton and sateen>/a> offer different textures and benefits. If you want to know the difference, check out our comparison of percale and sateen.Thread count is also crucial, as a higher count typically indicates better quality and durability. Look for hypoallergenic options if you have allergies or sensitive skin. Proper sizing is essential to ensure a snug fit for your pillows.


What is considered bedding?

Bedding, also known as bed linen or bed clothes, is technically the term for the materials that go on top of the mattress separating it from the sleeper, as well as the materials that go on top of the sleeper between them and the duvet or blanket. However, in the wider sense bedding also applies to the pillows, blankets, duvets and cushions that are used on the bed.

How do you use bedding?

Bedding is used as a cover to help keep larger and more expensive items such as the mattress and duvet clean. The bedding is tightly fitted around the mattress or duvet or placed between the sleeper and the blanket to maintain a hygiene barrier that is also easy to clean.

How do you keep bedding smelling fresh in Singapore?

Bedding should be washed on a regular basis, usually around once a week, or every time a new sleeper is going in any bed. To keep it fresh, try and wash bedding separately and ideally dry on the line. Make sure it is completely dry before folding and putting away.

What are the best bed sheets for Singapore's climate?

Because of the high humidity of Singapore's climate, look for highly breathable material like cotton. Percale sheets are 100% cotton and naturally breathable, making it one of the best materials for bed linens to enjoy a good night's sleep.

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