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Wood Furniture

Wood furniture holds timeless appeal and can blend seamlessly with various décor styles. Explore our range of durable wood and teak furniture to elevate your home.

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Length (cm)
Bed Slat Height
Rug Size
Seat Comfort
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Seat Softness
Owen Chaise Sectional Sofa
Removable Back & Cushion Covers
Madison Leather 3 Seater Sofa
Grid Tufted, Top Grain Leather
Seb Extendable Dining Set for 4-6
Acacia Wood, Extendable, Rustic Finish
Dalton Storage Bed
Wingback Headboard, 3 Drawers Storage
Vincent Dining Table, Walnut
Slim Tabletop, Solid Walnut

2 sizes available

Kelsey Marble Dining Table, Walnut Stain
Carrara Marble Table Top

2 sizes available

Vincent Chair, Walnut
Set of 2, Thick Padded Seat, Walnut
Sloane Cane Chair
Set of 2, Cane Backrest
Maui Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa
Handwoven Rope Backing, Acacia Wood
Tribeca Round Dining Table
Small, Walnut Wood, Mid-Century Modern
Mori C Side Table
C-Shaped, Slab Legs, Oak
Sloane Shelf
Brass Accents, Honey Oak
Madison Leather Chaise Sectional Sofa
Grid Tufted, Top Grain Leather
Owen 3 Seater Sofa
Removable Back & Cushion Covers
Sloane Dining Set for 6-8
Fluted Panels, Cane Backrest
Joseph Bed, Walnut
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Seb Bed
Acacia Wood, Padded Headboard
Seb Extendable Dining Table, 150-200cm
Acacia Wood, Split Tabletop, Rustic
Sloane Dining Table
Fluted Slab Legs, Grey Oak

2 sizes available

Casa Dining Table
Wide Blade Legs, Chamfer Stop Detail

2 sizes available


Wood Furniture

Durable Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture are excellent investments for any home as it combines both functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from walnut, teak, and oak, our range of wood furniture add a timeless appeal and sophistication to your home. With their sturdy construction and long-lasting durability, these pieces are built to withstand daily use while retaining their beauty. Whether you're looking for a coffee table or dining table, each piece of our wood furniture elevates your home with refined aesthetics and exceptional construction.


Is wood furniture comfortable?

Wood furniture can be comfortable, but it largely depends on how the piece is constructed and its design style. Some wood furniture pieces, particularly chairs and sofas, may feature padding and upholstery to enhance comfort. Cushioned seats or upholstered backrests can add an extra layer of comfort to wooden chairs, making them more enjoyable for extended sitting.

What are the benefits of wood furniture?

Wood furniture offers several advantages, including its natural beauty, durability, versatility, and the ability to complement various interior design styles. It is a long-lasting investment that adds warmth and sophistication to your living spaces.

Is wood furniture suitable for modern interior design styles?

Absolutely! Wood furniture can adapt to various styles, including modern and contemporary. Sleek, minimalist designs and innovative finishing techniques make wood furniture a popular choice for modern interiors.

Can wood furniture last in Singapore's weather?

Wood furniture can indeed last in Singapore's weather, but there are some factors to consider to ensure its longevity and durability. For example, using furniture covers outdoors and ensuring well-ventilated indoor spaces can certainly help prolong the lifespan of your wood furniture. It's also important to invest in high-quality wood furniture made from solid wood like teak or walnut. Quality construction and durable finishes can significantly extend the lifespan of the furniture.
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