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Some household items are useful but need a hiding place. Others need a platform to be on display. Sliding doors, open compartments, shelves and soft close drawers – all our shelves and cabinets are all intelligently designed, giving you complete ... Read more

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Leaves Warehouse
Length (cm)
Bed Slat Height
Rug Size
Seat Comfort
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Seat Softness
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Luna Sideboard, 160 cm
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Cliff Shelf
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Esther Bookshelf, Tall
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Nero Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Isla Dresser, 90cm
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Miles Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Oct 25
Tate Sideboard, 180cm
Leaves Warehouse By Dec 29
Lily Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Dec 29
Luka Cabinet
Leaves Warehouse By Dec 29
Almo Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Mar 9
Harper Sideboard
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Hudson Dresser
Leaves Warehouse By Nov 17
Seb Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Jan 1
Hudson Sideboard, 156 cm
Leaves Warehouse By Mar 4
Seb Dresser
Leaves Warehouse By Feb 24
Hudson Shelf, Low
Leaves Warehouse By Mar 4
Seb Console Table
Leaves Warehouse By Feb 24
Hudson Shelf, High
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Shelves & cabinets colours and materials

Shelving units and cabinets are hugely practical. A great place to keep clutter, to organise and arrange possessions or keep useful appliances. But they don’t have to be just practical. Our selection of living room cabinets and shelving units combine function with beautiful form, standing out as items to be admired in their own right. Choose from a range of colourful or wood grain finishes in a range of wood tones. Our range encompasses sideboards, chests of drawers, shelving units and console tables, providing living room, bedroom and hallway storage the way you want it. We also stock more specialised storage units such as TV consoles.

Style choices for shelves and cabinets

Choose from a comprehensive range of styles and design inspirations, from classic mid-century aesthetics to sleek modern and contemporary pieces. All the materials we use for our products are high quality, offering both enclosed and open storage options. Display your books proudly on one of our freestanding living room shelves or create a safe space to store the family photo albums with a sideboard with cupboard and drawer options. Plus, you can select storage units that perfectly complement our range of living room sets, and add stylistic touches with hallway mirrors and soft furnishings.

Storage and accessories

Shelves and cabinets are all about storage, providing easy to access and secure storage for whatever you need. With interior and display shelves, drawers and full-length cabinet sections, there is a varied choice of storage options for both big and small items. You can accessorise our living room storage options with other items from our range, such as mirrors, benches and wall mounted artworks.


How to install floating shelves?

Floating shelves look great but can be fiddly to put up. It’s all about getting your measurements and levels right. Once these are marked out, checked (then double checked again for good measure) secure the fixings then simply slide or place the shelves on the correct part of the support.

Is it cheaper to build your own shelves?

Building your own shelves can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. But the bottom line is that if you want a really good finish, then you need to use the best materials and have the skills and time to get it right. Or you could buy premade shelf units from our range where quality is guaranteed.

How do you make a simple shelf?

You can make a simple shelf with a couple of brackets and a plank of wood or other flat, stable surface cut to the right size. But as above, if you want your shelves to look great as well as performing a function, then professionally made shelving units are best. In addition, free-standing shelving units can be moved as and when you need to, which makes them a more convenient storage option.