Say goodnight to counting sheep with our thoughtfully crafted bed frames. Set the mood for a good night’s rest with considered details such as floating or open-based silhouettes, padded or wood headboards. Cosy up and get on the fast track to snooze town.

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Comfortable Beds That Suit Your Bedroom

One of the most important pieces of furniture in the Australian home, your bed offers you somewhere warm, comfortable and welcoming to rest at the end of a busy day in Sydney. Choose from queen and king size bed frames to find the piece that suits your Sydney bedroom, and your sleep habits, perfectly. Check out our guide on buying the right bed in Australia.

Types of Bed Frames in Sydney, Australia

Castlery bed frames come in a wide choice of styles in Australia. Select a sleek, contemporary wooden bed frame, a luxurious fabric bed frame or a mid-century modern design with metal legs and an attractive timber base. Discover how our beds with high headboards are the perfect fit for your Sydney bedroom.

Wooden bed frames offer a timeless, classic feel and so are ideal for interiors of all shapes and sizes. Castlery wooden bed frames come in a range of timber shades, allowing you to find the style that best complements your interior in Sydney, Australia.

A fabric or upholstered bed frame will create a slightly softer feel. When piled high with pillows and duvets, this type of bed frame will give your bedroom a truly sumptuous aesthetic, ideal if you want to create a calming, welcoming sanctuary to enjoy at the end of the day.

This wide choice of designs makes it easy to find the bed frame that works perfectly with your interior. Whether you’ve opted for a modern Scandi look, a clean, contemporary finish or you like your interiors a little more ornate, you’re guaranteed to find a bed frame that looks great with your bedroom décor.

Bed Frame Sizes

To help you create the bedroom you’ve always wanted, Castlery bed frames come in both king and queen sizes.

If you’re looking to make your room space as flexible and welcoming as possible, you can opt for a double or queen size bed frame. These generous bed frames offer plenty of space for two and so are ideal for both guest and master bedrooms.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury bed frames king size is the perfect choice. Big, bold and unapologetically indulgent, king size bed frames create a fantastic bedroom centrepiece and offer the perfect place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Castlery king size bed frames are available in classic wood, contemporary fabric and mid-century modern metal and timber designs.

Accessorising Your Bed Frame

Ensure your bed frame is the focal point of your room by adding matching Castlery bedroom storage or bedside tables to the space. Helping to accent your new bed frame and emphasise your interior design, a Castlery bedroom set will help you to create the space you’ve always wanted.

Find out more about our beautiful bed frames, and start shopping for the perfect king size bed frame or queen size bed frame for your home, by taking a look through the Castlery collection today.

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