As integral to your home as furniture, lighting is enormously important from both a practical and aesthetic point of view, changing the way we feel about and use our spaces. And by changing lighting, we can control and adapt how we use spaces throughout the day and night.

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Lighting colours and materials

There is a huge range of lighting styles available in Sydney, Australia. Overhead and ceiling lights can be central or scattered across the space. There is wall lighting, table lamps and floor lamps as well as LED lighting and more. There is an equally large choice of colour schemes and materials for lighting, including wood, metal, plastic and glass. Depending on where you need the lighting – which could be the dining room, living room, bedroom or more – the lighting can be used in different ways to create different moods and for different levels of light.

Style choices for lighting in Australia

Our Sydney range of light fixtures come in a big choice of styles and fittings. With everything from pendant lights to glass and metal floor lamps and table lamps, there are designs that suit any space. Whether you are creating a modern and minimalist living space or a retro chic bedroom, we stock lighting options that tick all the boxes. Using a combination of materials including metal and glass, our lighting can be bold and bright or soft and cosy. Apply lamps and lighting across your space to be used at different times of day or to create different lighting zones in your rooms.

Lighting accessories in Australia

As well as ceiling lamps and free-standing floor lamps, our table lamps in Sydney will look great on our range of sideboards and other storage furniture. Mirrors can also enhance the way lighting works in your home, bouncing light around and creating a sense of space. Choose lighting that works with the type of furniture, like armchairs, and soft furnishing that you choose, and match it to the space where you are using it.


How to choose a dining room light fixture?

A dining room light fixture needs to light the space well enough so that you can see what you are eating or serving, but not too bright as to dazzle the diners. The light should be focused on the table, often with a pendant hanging, but not spill over onto the surrounding area.

How to design lighting?

Lighting should be designed to match the look and feel of a space in your Australian home in Sydney. In a home office or kitchen you will need a mixture of bright lights and more focused lighting. In rooms designed for relaxing or entertaining you might want to think about zonal lighting, with lower tones for when it’s time to kick back and relax.

What is ambient lighting in interior design?

Ambient lighting offers illumination across wider spaces. It is meant to create a uniform lighting level throughout a room and is generally the first layer of lighting, setting the tone of a space. That's why it's typically softer, and can be adaptable to accommodate day and nighttime situations.

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