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Queen Sized Beds

Give your bedroom a touch of luxury with a queen size bed frame. Perfect for people who like to stretch out, relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep, a queen bed will help your bedroom look and feel more indulgent.

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Dawson Bed
Low Profile Platform Bed
Seb Bed
Acacia Wood, Padded Headboard
Dawson Storage Bed
Low Profile Bed, Gaslift Storage
Dalton Bed
Wingback Headboard
Joseph Bed
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Joseph Bed, Bouclé
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Rochelle Performance Bouclé Bed
Spill-Resistant, Wooden Poster Legs
Claude Performance Fabric Bed
Spill-Resistant, Floating Nightstands
Joseph Bed, Walnut
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Madison Bed
Grid Tufted, Open Base, Tall Headboard
Adams Bed
Upholstered Headboard & Steel Legs
Emery Bed
Fluted Timber Headrest, Floating Base
Crescent Bed
Solid Mindi Wood Frame
Dalton Storage Bed
Wingback Headboard, 3 Drawers Storage
Lexi Tufted Bed
Channel Tufted Winged Headboard

Queen Sized Beds

Why choose a queen size bed?

Larger than a double, but smaller than a king, a queen size bed frame is one of the most popular choices for master and guest bedrooms. Thanks to their generous proportions, queen bed frames offer plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable. Complete your queen bed frame with a queen size mattress and bedding for a room that looks truly irresistible.

How to find the right queen size bed frame for your home

Thanks to their popularity, queen bed frames are available in a wide selection of colours and styles. This makes it easy to find a design that works perfectly with your existing interior décor.

If you’ve gone for a contemporary Scandi-style look in your bedroom, choose one of our light, bright grey bed frames. Understated and stylish, this neural tone will add character and classic charm to your bedroom.

For a more retro look, choose one of our wooden bed frames. Mid-century modern interiors look fantastic when furnished with natural materials. So, why not choose a wooden queen size frame for your vintage bedroom and complete your interior design theme?

Fabric bed frames are another option for your new queen size bed. Tactile and attractive, a fabric frame will help to soften the look of your room and make it feel even more welcoming.

If you’re considering a new, luxurious bed for your master suite, a queen size frame is the perfect choice. Find out more, and start searching for the perfect frame for your home, by taking a look through our collection today.

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Can a full size mattress fit on a queen size bed frame?

If you invest in a queen size bed frame, it’s best to match it with a queen size mattress. If you use a smaller, double mattress, you won’t be taking full advantage of the generous proportions of the queen size bed, while a king, or super king, size mattress will extend over the sides of the bed and look a little untidy.

What is the width of a queen size bed frame?

Queen size mattresses are around 160cm wide and 200cm long. Your queen size bed frame is likely to be a little larger than this to ensure the mattress sits comfortably.

Can I put a queen bed on a full frame?

Putting a double mattress on a queen frame will leave you with gaps between the frame and the mattress. This is because double mattresses are a little smaller than queen size frames. Where possible, always use the same size frame and mattress, this will ensure your bed looks great and feels comfortable.

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