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Wooden Dining Chairs

The perfect companions to a wooden dining table, wooden chairs & benches have a classic, timeless look that makes them perfect for all types of interiors. Invest in a set of beautifully crafted wooden chairs to give your eating area the wow factor or opt for an eclectic mix of chairs and benches to add a little character to your home.

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Wooden Dining Chairs

Why choose wooden dining chairs for your home?

Wood is a classic, versatile material and a fantastic choice for indoor and outdoor dining chairs and benches. Durable and hard wearing, it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and, with a little care and attention, look fantastic for decades.

Because wood is a natural material, it works well in virtually all interior design schemes. This will make it easy to incorporate your new chairs into your home, no matter what aesthetic you’ve chosen.

If you already have a wooden dining table, look for chairs made from timber with a similar tone. This will help to tie your interior together and ensure your furnishings look well-thought out. You could emphasise this solid wood aesthetic by selecting timber stools & bar stools for your kitchen island, or by investing in armchairs & accent chairs with wooden feet or other design elements.

How to find the right wooden dining chairs for your home

There’s a great choice of wooden dining chairs available, so it can be hard to narrow it down to just a few favourites. When choosing new dining chairs for your home, look for a design that will complement your existing dining table. If your table has a mid-century modern feel, go for chairs that will enhance and accentuate the theme.

If you prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, choose chairs with a simple silhouette and pared-down palette. Chairs upholstered in clean, crisp colours like grey and cream work particularly well in modern homes.

Upholstered chairs will soften your look and make your eating area even more comfortable and welcoming. While chairs with a woven back will give your dining space a light, bright feel.

If you’d like to learn more about how to decorate a dining room, explore our collection today.


How can you tell a good quality wooden dining chair?

Look for a chair made by a reliable brand with a trustworthy reputation. This will help to ensure the piece is well designed and well made. Look at the joints of the chair to check they’re solid and sit down on the chair to ensure it feels strong and stable.

Which wood is best for dining chairs?

Dining chairs are often made from hardwoods like oak, walnut and acacia because they’re exceptionally strong and durable. You can also find some good quality dining chairs made from softwoods like pine. Pine chairs generally won’t last as long as hardwood alternatives, though they are often a more affordable option.

Are wooden chairs comfortable?

Wooden dining chairs can be incredibly comfortable. As long as they’re well-designed and beautifully crafted, wooden dining chairs will be just as comfortable as chairs made from other materials. If you’re concerned about comfort, invest in upholstered wooden chairs, and add a little luxury to your dining area.
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