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Black Sofas

Black Sofas

A black sofa is a classic design choice. Simple, elegant, versatile and a great color to take the strain of everyday family life. A black sofa can be the foundation for a bolder color and design scheme, anchoring the whole room without dominating the space.

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Black Sofas

The best materials for black sofas

The beauty of black is that it always looks good. You don’t have to choose your materials carefully to complement the tone, black looks great in almost any finish. Whether that’s classic black leather or faux leather, suede, velvet or fabric, black works in them all. It even works with other complementary materials such as wood tones and metal, offering a stylish contrast to other pieces of furniture such as coffee tables or bookshelves. Because it’s black, it’s also more resistant to stains and discoloration that can affect some other color combinations.

Choosing your black sofa style

Just like with colour and tone, black is a versatile color to work with any style. That could be a classic mid-century two- or three-seater with teak arms and legs, or a modern black leather low back corner sofa. While there are certain colour and style combinations that don’t work so well together, black is like a neutral point for any style choice.

What colours go with black?

Like white and grey, black is more of a tone than a colour. While perhaps not as neutral as white or beige, it can work with almost any other colour scheme. From bright tones to more muted options, black is like a blank canvas onto which you can project your color and design scheme. Of course, certain bolder colours will stand out better against the black, but if you build your design scheme around your black sofa then it can be a solid foundation for any design style.


What colour goes best with a black sofa?

All colours go with black, as it is a neutral tone. That means everything from bright yellow and orange to muted browns and blues can all be great options for rugs, cushions, footstools and curtains.

Is black furniture in style?

Black almost never goes out of fashion, making it a very trend resistant choice. Even if your other soft furnishings need updating to more on trend colors, the black sofa is always a consistent and versatile color base.

Does a grey carpet go with black sofa?

Grey and black work very well together and can form the basis of a stylish monochrome or minimalist design scheme for your home.

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