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Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

Luxurious form meets supreme comfort. Discover the leather lounge piece that effortlessly elevates your home experience.

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Madison Leather 3 Seater Sofa
Grid Tufted, Top Grain Leather
Jonathan Leather Sofa
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Sloane Dining Set for 6-8
Fluted Panels, Cane Backrest
Madison Leather Chaise Sectional Sofa
Grid Tufted, Top Grain Leather
Isaac Leather 3 Seater Sofa
Genuine Full Leather, Grid Tufted
Desmond Leather Armchair
Solid Wood Frame, Top Grain Leather
Arden Leather Swivel Armchair
360° Swivel, Water-Resistant Leather
Hamilton Leather 3 Seater Sofa
American Top Grain Leather, Deep Seats
Isaac Leather Terminal Chaise Sectional Sofa
Genuine Full Leather, Grid Tufted
Jonathan Leather Sofa with Ottoman
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Isaac Leather 3 Seater Sofa with Ottoman
Genuine Full Leather, Grid Tufted
Dean Leather Recliner Armchair
High Back, Foldover Pillow Armrest
Pascal Leather Sling Armchair
American Wax Leather, Water-Resistant
Isaac Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa
Removable Cover, Genuine Full Leather
Jonathan Leather Side Chaise Sofa
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Madison Leather 3 Seater Sofa with Ottoman
Grid Tufted, Top Grain Leather
Jonathan Leather Ottoman
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile

Leather Furniture

A Timeless Classic in Singapore

One of the most well-known furniture materials is undoubtedly - leather. Although leather is more expensive than fabric, it is more durable and can last far longer with proper care & maintenance. A timeless classic, leather is known for its durability to not only withstand the challenge of time, but resists scratches, stains, and cracks.

Regardless of whatever interior design style your home uses, leather will be able to complement it with its natural neutral tones. Leather contrasts dark or bright toned home styles such as Scandinavian, and contrasts simple or neutral minimalist homes. A versatile material not only in the aesthetic and visual sense, leather is also suitable for any climate as it is porous & breathable and adapts to your body, maintaining a consistent temperature.

Leather Furniture

A most classic furniture that uses leather is the leather sofa, soft yet firm for ideal comfort and wide enough to accommodate a whole family. Leather sofas come in different forms, such as the sectional sofas and regular sofas. All Castlery leather sofas provide the same smooth, soft texture, with increased depth in its cushions for one to sink right in. Leather is also hypoallergenic, ensuring anyone has access to this wonderful material with no fear of any allergies. Being easy to clean and maintain, dust allergens will no longer be a worry as well.

For bigger families, opt for the leather sectional sofas that can accommodate the whole family for quality time on the weekends. Couples or smaller families can opt for regular sofas that take up a smaller space in the living room, but wide enough for bonding activities. For those feeling extra posh, consider a leather footstool or ottoman to go with your leather sofa, and let your weary feet rest after a day at work. Its durability and depth ensures it can be sat on for long periods of time with maximum comfort, proving it an ideal setup in any part of the house, either for leisure or office use.

Leather Maintenance and Cleaning

Being cool to the touch and of a lighter colour, leather absorbs less heat and is a great option for countries with a warmer climate as well. However, do remember to keep your leather furniture away from direct sunlight or heat sources, to prevent fading or discolouration. Using a brush attachment, the sofa should also be vacuumed regularly to remove dust particles.

While leather is relatively stain resistant, any spills such as water or juice on the material should be blotted immediately, though professional cleaning is advised for tougher stains such as sauces or paint. It is important to remember not to rub the stains when removing it, but simply to wipe gently with a cloth.

The signature sheen that is associated with leather is generally formed over the course of a few years, and not only gives the leather sofa a new look after years of usage, but also gives it character.


Is it normal for my leather to crack or peel?

Technically leather will not crack or peel, however it is the pigment or finish that will. Do ensure that the sofa is not exposed to extreme temperature or direct sunlight. Proper care & maintenance can prevent such issues from occurring.

I have pets at home. Will leather furniture be suitable for me?

Pigmented leathers have a protective layer that is more resistant to stains/wear thus, can be suitable for households with pets.

Is leather furniture suitable for climate Singapore?

Due to the natural makeup of leather, the material remains constantly cold to the touch and keeps you cool in the warm climate of Singapore.

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