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What is Acacia Wood and Is It Good?

Castlery|Mar 20, 2024

When it comes to choosing wooden furniture for your home, the options seem endless. From oak and maple to choices like bamboo and teak, there's a vast array of materials to consider.

One wood that has been gaining popularity for its beauty and durability in recent years is acacia. But what is acacia wood, and is it a good choice for your furniture needs?

In this article, we'll delve into all you need to know about acacia wood - its origins, characteristics, and why it makes an excellent choice for your furniture.

What is acacia wood?

Acacia wood is a type of hardwood that comes from the Acacia tree, native to various regions around the world including Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

The Seb Round Coffee Table is made from solid acacia wood. Picture credits: @michellereed

The wood obtained from these trees is known for its strength and durability. Furthermore, thanks to its resistance to moisture and decay, acacia wood is commonly used in making outdoor furniture as well.

Aside from furniture, acacia wood is used in other countries and cultures differently, such as crafting bowls, boats, ukuleles, and even jewellery.

Characteristics of acacia wood


Acacia wood typically has a warm, golden to medium brown colour with darker streaks or grain patterns. The exact colour can vary depending on the specific species of acacia and the region in which it is grown. Some pieces of acacia wood can also have reddish or reddish-brown hues.

Grain pattern

One of the most notable features of acacia wood is its unique and often striking grain pattern. The grain can be wavy, interlocked, or irregular, creating a visually appealing and distinctive look.

The Seb Extendable Dining Table Set is perfect for small homes. Picture credits: @keyconceptsg

This grain pattern is one of the reasons why Acacia wood is highly sought after for furniture and decorative items.


Acacia wood has a medium to coarse texture, and it can sometimes display a slightly rough or uneven surface. This texture adds to its rustic and natural appearance.


Acacia wood typically has a natural luster that enhances its visual appeal. This luster can be accentuated when finished with clear sealants or oils, giving the wood a rich and glossy appearance.

Benefits of acacia wood


One of the standout features of acacia wood is its exceptional durability. It's known for its ability to withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for furniture that needs to endure daily use.

Whether you're considering an acacia dining table, chairs, or a coffee table, you can expect it to last for years.

Resistance to moisture

Acacia wood is naturally resistant to moisture and decay, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Its resistance to these elements means you won't have to worry about your acacia wood patio set deteriorating when exposed to the elements.

The Maui Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa, Two Lounge Chairs, and Table Set in Taupe, made with solid acacia wood. Picture credits: @mrsmakenamoore

Low maintenance

Acacia wood requires minimal maintenance to keep it in excellent condition - great for those who have busy lifestyles. Regular dusting and occasional oiling or sealing are usually all that's needed to maintain its appearance.


Due to its warm and versatile colour palette, acacia wood can complement a wide range of interior design styles, from traditional to modern and rustic to contemporary.

Furthermore, as acacia wood can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture, this versatility is a significant advantage for creating a cohesive design theme throughout your home.

Unique appearance

As the acacia genus comprises over a thousand different species of trees and shrubs, this makes each piece different. Each species of acacia has its own distinct growth patterns, grain structures, and colour variations.

As each piece of acacia wood is unique, we preserve its natural origins as much as possible.

Along with other factors like environmental factors and growth conditions, no piece of acacia is the same - adding character and individuality to your furniture.

Is acacia wood good?

In the world of furniture, acacia wood definitely stands out as an excellent choice due to its durability, natural beauty, and resistance to environmental factors. If you’re considering getting acacia wood furniture, it should definitely be on your list of options. Whether you’re furnishing your living room, dining area, or outdoor space, acacia wood can offer you both aesthetic appeal and longevity.

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