Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs

Styling your home can be difficult, but a timeless large area jute rug can help you jumpstart your interior design planning. With easy-to-pair colours and durability, our jute rugs are available in various shapes, sizes and patterns.

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Rugs are not styled by the home alone, but the style of the home will always be improved with a rug! Here at Castlery, we want to ensure that you get your ideal furniture or home decor design and style with the best possible service and product. Living in a warm, temperate country, a high priority concern when choosing any furniture is the breathability and durability of its material. Luckily, our jute Rugs not only offer both qualities but are waterproof and heat resistant as well! While jute rugs are generally runner rugs or smaller-sized, recent interior design trends began to see the rise of large area jute rugs in the home decor scene as well. Large area rugs not only create the illusion of a larger living space but also bring out the designs and colours of the surrounding space and furniture. Though this might apply to all rugs, jute rugs in particular are known to be specifically weaved into intricate designs and patterns, that complement more simple, minimalist furniture.

Our jute rugs come in various colours, shapes and sizes to cater to your many different home styling needs; from our classy Odessa rug to our zen Marc Oval rug, be spoilt for choice in our jute rug sections that suit all styles of homes. Aside from our jute rugs, Castlery also offers a range of cane furniture to go with the rustic and nostalgic styles some homes are aiming to go for. For those who prefer a more Scandinavian style, our bedside tables with drawers serve as a quaint addition to the Odessa rug providing both class and style.


How do I match the colours of my furniture to the right jute rug?

It is generally recommended to match complimentary colours (dark with light, bright with plain etc.) to allow each furniture to stand out. Our jute rugs also come in various styles and colours to match different interior design styles, such as dark navy for a classy home, natural cane for zen styles, and light white for a modern minimalist vibe.

How do I clean my jute rug?

Our jute rugs are easily cleaned with a cloth. Do remember to keep them away from high moisture areas, as jute is a natural fibre that absorbs moisture and may shed or break if left in a high moisture environment.

Can I place heavy furniture on my jute rug?

Jute rugs are woven into strong, durable threads that withstands heavy traffic across it and heavy-weighted furniture such as tables and sofas without breaking apart. Feel free to overlay your jute rug with any furniture, or keep it as it is as an eye-catching home decor.