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From 2-seater sofas for cosy apartment living to L-shaped sectionals for family movie nights, we’ve got just the couch for you. Find Australia’s best lounge pieces that you’re looking for with soft, cloud-like options, or medium-firm seats that support relaxing any day, any time.

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Owen Chaise Sectional Sofa
Removable Back & Cushion Covers
Hamilton Chaise Sectional Sofa
Removable Cushion Covers, Deep Seats
Owen 3 Seater Sofa
Removable Back & Cushion Covers
Jonathan Leather Extended Side Chaise Sectional with Ottoman
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Adams 3 Seater Sofa
Removable Covers, Machine Washable
Lucas Performance Bouclé Sofa
Spill-Resistant, Thick Cushion Armrest
Pebble Chaise Sectional Sofa with Ottoman
Brass Leg Cap, Curved Edges
Mori Build-Your-Own Living Room Set, 2-3 Seater
Spill-Resistant, Japandi Style
Madison 3 Seater Sofa
Grid Tufted, Open Base, Walnut Stain
Isaac Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa
Genuine Full Leather, Grid Tufted
Madison Chaise Sectional Sofa
Grid Tufted, Open Base, Walnut Stain
Odette Performance Bouclé Sofa
Spill-Resistant, Curve Back, Metal Leg
Dawson Leather 3 Seater Sofa with Ottoman
Wax Leather, Water-Resistant
Jonathan Leather Extended Side Chaise Sectional
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Jonathan Leather Sofa
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Jonathan Leather Extended Sofa
Genuine Top Grain Leather, Low-Profile
Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa
Removable Seat, Cushion & Covers


Comfortable, Stylish Sofas in Australia

Sofas are arguably the most used item of furniture in the Australian house. Choosing the right one will depend largely on style, space, budget, and who will be using it.

There are plenty of sofa and couch styles available. In fact, there are over twenty standard sofa styles to choose from. When selecting a style, you will need to consider the various design features available. Specifically, you should look into the sofa back height, the curvature of the arm, comfort vs design, size, material and functionality.

The most traditional is the 3-seater sofa where the slightly curved arm is lower than the high back. In larger spaces, 3-seaters are usually used in combination with a 2 seater sofa, which is also called a loveseat. The slightly higher back and plush cushions provide ample comfort.

Another popular sofa for large areas is the sectional sofa, also known as a modular sofa. As the name suggests, this couch is divided into sections which are placed together, so they are really easy to move around. The most popular sectional is the L-shaped sofa which has space to recline. Yet you could piece together as many sections as you wish depending on your space. Get to know them better with our guide.

For something a bit more classy, the Chesterfield (also quilted or tufted) sofa is a good option for bachelors. Usually made as a leather sofa, the Chesterfield is a tufted design (buttons sewn in) where the back and arms are at the same length. These are what you will find at swanky cigar lounges.

If you are looking to add versatility to and sculpt your Sydney living area to your needs, a chaise sofa would be perfect for you.

When browsing antique stores, you may come across the exposed wooden lined Camelback or Settee sofa. Yet for a more modern touch, the mid-century modern sofa provides a minimalist design that is very boxy in shape. Additional cushions are usually needed for extra comfort.

Other styles include the Japanese-inspired futon sofa, the convertible sofa bed or sleeper, and the high back and armed Tuxedo, which looks particularly classy in velvet. Just like recliner armchairs meant for single person use, there are now recliner sofas for the most comfortable option where the lever-controlled footrest pops up when needed.

What materials are your sofas made of?

Your sofa can be made of several different kinds of materials and the most common ones are: leather , velvet , polyester fabric and linen. These are usually paired with wood or metal for the legs. If you are looking for a unique textured finish, do consider going for a bouclé sofa or a bouclé chair.

While standard classic sofa materials like velvet or leather may be nice, if you have kids or pets, then a modern polyester fabric may be your best choice for a sofa material. If sticky fingers and accidental spills are a concern for you, do go for a sofa with removable covers which makes cleaning up a breeze.

Families will want something stain-resistant and easy to clean, especially with animals that constantly shed.

What colours do your couches come in?

It may seem like a given, but colour choice is as important as material. As the largest item of furniture, you can turn your sofa into a feature with brighter greens, yellows or pinks. You may be more minimalistic in your approach, selecting something common like the generic black, white, grey, brown or blue.

The colour you select will depend on how much space you have, your decor, additional furniture and personal style. You may also choose to reupholster an older sofa with a new sofa cover. Jazzing up your sofa with cushions is always a good idea, too!

Living Room Space and Sofa Size

Sofa sizes are usually referred to by the number of people they can sit. Typically, sofas are either two-seater or three-seater and when purchasing a sofa, you should make sure to measure your space thoroughly so you know what sofa size your space can accommodate.

If you live in a smaller space, buying a sofa set consisting of a 2 seater in combination with an ottoman should fit really nicely to create a complete living room set. Small sofas provide effective use of space in your modern living room without compromising on functionality.

Or make the most of the space available by opting for an L-shape sofa that can fit in a corner and sit more people. Large sofas would enhance the grandeur of your modern living room.

How do I care for my sofas?

To ensure your sofa remains as inviting as the day you brought it home, a tailored approach to care is essential. For sofas upholstered in 100% Polyester or a mix of Polyester and Acrylic, regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment will keep the fabric fresh, while spot cleaning with a mild detergent solution can address any accidental spills. It's vital to dab gently rather than rub to prevent the fabric from pilling or losing its texture.

For those with the luxurious touch of Spill-Resistant Bouclé Fabric, the innate resistance to spills simplifies maintenance. Promptly attending to spills by blotting can prevent them from setting in, ensuring the unique texture of your Bouclé remains pristine and welcoming.

When it comes to top-grain leather, a soft, dry cloth is your best tool for regular dusting, preserving the natural sheen of your contemporary sofa’s leather. For deeper cleaning, a specialised leather conditioner applied every 6-12 months not only cleans but also maintains the suppleness of the leather, protecting it against ageing and cracks.

What Types of Sofas Does Castlery Carry?

Modular Sofas

Castlery modular sofas offer unparalleled flexibility and innovation in design, allowing you to customise your seating arrangement to fit your living space perfectly. Each piece can be moved and rearranged, giving you the freedom to tailor your setup for any occasion, whether you're hosting a large gathering or craving a cosy nook for yourself. Embrace the art of personalisation with our modular sofas, where comfort meets creativity.

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are the epitome of comfort and style, designed to fill larger living spaces with grace. Often forming an L-shape, these sofas provide ample room for everyone to relax and enjoy. Perfect for family movie nights or entertaining friends, Castlery sectional sofas blend functional seating with aesthetic appeal, making them a central piece in any modern home.

Leather Sofas

Our leather sofas exude sophistication and durability, crafted from high-quality materials that age beautifully over time. Ideal for those who value both style and practicality, these sofas offer a luxurious touch to any room, becoming softer and more comfortable with use. Embrace the timeless elegance of and purchase your Castlery leather sofa online, a classic choice that complements any décor.

Chaise Lounges

Designed to add a touch of luxury to your daily life. Our chaise lounges are the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort, providing a stylish retreat where you can unwind in peace. Place it by a sunny window, in a cosy reading nook, or make this sofa a chic addition to your living room—these stylish couches offer versatile functionality and an elegant flair. Browse Castlery’s selection of chaise lounges in our online store.

Footstools, Ottomans, and Poufs

The unsung heroes of the living room, footstools and ottomans provide not just a place to rest your feet but also serve as extra seating or a convenient surface for trays and books. With their versatile functionality and stylish designs, our modern poufs and ottomans can complement any sofa, adding a touch of modern comfort and elegance to your living space.

2-Seater Sofas

In intimate spaces where three’s a crowd, a 2-seater sofa is plenty. Castlery's range of 2-seater sofas brings both charm and functionality to smaller rooms or compact spaces. Each couch is designed to offer maximum comfort without occupying too much room, making them perfect for cosy living areas or as a stylish complement in a larger ensemble. Browse our online catalogue of 2-seater sofas that provide a perfect spot for enjoying a quiet evening at home with your loved one.

3-Seater Sofas

3-Seater sofas are the heart of the living room, offering spacious and comfortable seating for families and guests alike. Whether you're lounging solo or gathering for a group chat, these sofas provide ample space without sacrificing style. Shop from our range of 3-seater sofas online to buy the perfect centrepiece for your living space, where comfort meets chic design.

Living Room Sets

For the generous homeowner who loves to have their friends over, Castlery offers exquisitely designed living room sets that create welcoming and stylish environments. Curated to deliver seamless style and comfort, these statement pieces perfectly match and enhance your room decor. Whether you’re hosting large gatherings or intimate family get-togethers, our living room sets provide ample seating and an enduring style that invites conversation and relaxation.

Ready To Ship Sofas

For Ready To Ship styles, browse our Ready To Ship selection.

Sofa Sale

For cushy seats at great savings, browse our sofa sale collection in Sydney, Australia.


What's the difference between a sofa and a couch?

Essentially they are the same thing, with 'couch' being a more popular term in the United States. It comes from the French word 'coucher', which means 'to sleep'.

'Sofa' is a more popular term in British English, most commonly used in the United Kingdom and India. Origins of the word is thought to come from the Arabic word 'soffah', a raised part of the floor for sitting and covered with cushions and carpets.

Where to buy sofas and couches?

The best place to buy sofas is through Castlery. Browse our online selection of contemporary sofas made from quality materials to elevate your living room aesthetic. Our couch collection includes various sizes and styles, from form-fitting chaise lounges to expansive sectional sofas. Whether you're in search of something modern, traditional, or uniquely eclectic, we've got you covered.

Buy your sofa with Castlery today to enjoy benefits like Buy Now Pay Later and 14-Day Easy Returns. Elevate your home aesthetic with a sofa that speaks to your style and comfort needs, all available at Castlery.

How many people can your largest sofa sit?

Our largest sofa, the Marlow Performance Bouclé Chaise Sectional Sofa, is a true standout in spacious seating, comfortably accommodating 5-6 people. Designed with both grandeur and comfort in mind, it's perfect for gatherings, offering ample space for everyone to relax and enjoy. Buy this sectional sofa online and have it delivered to your home.

Do all sofas come pre-assembled?

Most of our modern sofas arrive fully assembled for your convenience. However, certain fittings, such as legs, consoles, and table tops, may need to be attached upon arrival. This ensures safe transport and a seamless fit into your living space.

Do you deliver sofas to all states and territories across the country?

Castlery collaborates with multiple delivery partners across Australia to ensure your order arrives promptly and safely. You may enter your postcode into any of our sofa listings to check on our latest delivery availability status. If we currently do not deliver to your location yet, we recommend signing up for our newsletter and/or following us on social media for the latest updates.

Does Castlery offer free shipping?

Basic shipping fees apply to all items by default, and are capped based on item type and delivery location. Free shipping may be available during special sales events on selected products and to specific locations.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Estimated delivery times for your order will vary depending on the product being shipped, product availability status, and your proximity to metropolitan areas. All products will be delivered Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm, and further information will be provided by our delivery partners once your order status is confirmed. Castlery reserves the right to reschedule deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances, and does not guarantee specific delivery times.

You may also opt to hold your delivery for up to two (2) months with no charge, per request within 24 hours of when you receive the “Your Castlery order is getting ready to ship!” e-mail. Find out more in our Castlery delivery policy page.

What payment methods does Castlery accept?

Castlery currently accepts payments via Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and PayPal. We are affiliated with Zip, and can offer customers Zip Pay and Zip Money as alternative payment solutions to suit your budget and needs. Find out about paying with Zip.

Do you offer a warranty on your furniture?

All products sold by Castlery come with a limited warranty period of up to ten (10) years, which varies depending on the specific item. All bed frames, including king bed frames, come with a five (5) year limited warranty for the frame structure, and two (2) year limited warranty for soft furnishings and other components. Find out more about Castlery’s product warranty policy.

Can I cancel my order after it has been confirmed?

Yes, you may cancel or make changes to your order for free provided you contact us any time before your items are dispatched. After this point, you will incur a restocking fee of 20%-30% depending on your delivery location. Items marked as ‘Clearance’, ‘Final Sale’, ‘Customised’, ‘Customisable’ or as Display items are not eligible for changes, cancellations, or refunds. Find out more about Castlery’s sales and refunds policy.
Castlery acknowledges Australia's First Nations as the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
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