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Sideboards & Cabinets

Sideboards & Cabinets

Sideboards and cabinets can be used to add style, functionality and personality to your living space. Ideal for use as extra storage, or for displaying photos, ornaments and greenery, a cabinet or sideboard will make a great addition to your interior décor.

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Sideboards & Cabinets

What is a sideboard?

A sideboard is a versatile and attractive piece of furniture that can be used for storage and display purposes in all parts of the home. Originally, these slim, freestanding cabinets were designed to provide extra space for dishes and utensils in dining rooms. As a result, they’re also commonly known as buffets.

However, thanks to their versatility, sideboards can now be found in many parts of the home including the living room, bedroom and hallway. Perfect for use as extra storage space, they can also be used to display photos, plants and ornaments in place of shelves and racks. Low sideboards also make good TV stands, although it’s important to check your TV will fit on your sideboard before you buy.

Sideboard materials

Sideboards most commonly come in wood and metal, but most opt for wooden sideboards that more easily match different design styles. Wooden sideboards also age better with time and can bring a natural element to homes, on top of adding storage space to living rooms.

How to find the right sideboard for your home?

Sideboards come in a wide variety of styles. From retro, mid-century modern pieces to contemporary Scandi-style designs, it’s easy to find the piece that will suit your home perfectly. Those looking for a mid-century modern piece to bring out retro chic can consider the < a href="/us/products/harper-sideboard">Harper Sideboard, a popular Castlery piece that is slowly finding it's way into American living rooms.

If you’re thinking about adding a sideboard or cabinet to your interior, look for a piece that complements your existing furnishings. If you already have dressers, console tables or coffee tables made from wood, choose a sideboard with a timber finish. Alternatively, if your other pieces of furniture are painted, opt for a more colorful sideboard and help your interior really come together.

Small interiors will benefit from the extra storage provided by sideboards. So, if your home is bijou, choose a piece with lots of cupboards and drawers.

Find out more about our beautiful collection of sideboards, and start searching for the piece that’s perfect for your home, by exploring our range of high quality furnishings today.


What is a sideboard?

A sideboard, also known as a buffet, is a piece of furniture that’s traditionally placed in the dining room and used for displaying and serving dishes. These days however, it’s probably more common to find sideboards in living rooms, hallways and kitchen/diners.

Can you use a sideboard as a TV stand?

If your TV sits comfortably on your sideboard, there’s no reason you can’t use the piece of furniture as a TV stand. If you want to use a sideboard as a TV stand, make sure you check its dimensions against the base of your television before you buy.

What's the difference between a buffet and a sideboard?

There’s no difference at all between a buffet and a sideboard. Sideboards can also be known as buffets because they were originally used in dining rooms for displaying and serving food.