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Explore sturdy yet beautiful outdoor and patio furniture to fuel any fun under the sun. We’ve got sofas, tables, chairs and more for backyard lounging and dining.

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Rio Outdoor Teak Build-Your-Own Dining Set
Rio Outdoor Teak Build-Your-Own Dining Set
Rio Outdoor Teak Build-Your-Own Dining Set

3 sizes available

Rio Outdoor Teak Dining Table
Rio Outdoor Teak Dining Table
Rio Outdoor Teak Dining Table

3 sizes available



Furniture for your Outdoor Space

Turn your outdoor spaces into an extension of your home by furnishing your patio, deck or balcony with furniture made for the elements. Whether it's wood, metal or rattan, there are lots of options to turn unused outdoor space into an intimate outdoor lounge area or an al fresco dining area. Make use of that space to also complement your home's interior design, using modern and contemporary outdoor pieces.

Best Outdoor and Patio Furniture Materials

The by far most popular material for outdoor furniture is wood, especially teak and acacia. Teak wood outdoor furniture is especially strong and durable and can last a long time when taken care of properly, withstanding hot, cold and wet weather. To keep your outdoor furniture in top shape, be sure protect with with outdoor covers.

Outdoor Furniture Pieces to Get

If you're looking to spruce up your outdoor areas like your patio or balcony and turn it into a living space for spring and summer months, be sure to explore our range of outdoor sofas, choose from different configurations from loveseats to sectionals to outdoor lounge chairs

If hosting dinners is your thing, why not turn that deck or balcony into an al fresco dining area by picking up an outdoor table and some accompanying outdoor dining chairs. Perfect for summer barbecues or crisp spring lunches.

For savings and convenience, consider getting outdoor furniture sets that's bound to look great in your outdoor area, no matter the purpose.


How to care for teak outdoor furniture?

Teak is a common material used for outdoor furniture because of its durability and natural beauty. To clean teak outdoor furniture, it's essentially the same as cleaning your regular outdoor furnishings. However, you do want to pay special attention to oiling your teak outdoor furniture as over time, teak wood can lose its natural oils and turn gray if left untreated.

How do I arrange my outdoor furniture?

When arranging outdoor furniture, consider the function of the space and the flow of foot traffic. Group furniture together to create conversation areas, and leave enough space between pieces to allow for easy movement. Consider the placement of lighting and other outdoor accessories to create a cohesive look.

How to clean outdoor furniture?

To clean and maintain your outdoor furniture, clean it regularly with a mild detergent and water, and protect it from the elements by using furniture covers or storing it indoors during rough weather.

Avoid using pressure washers on your outdoor furniture to prevent damage, especially for wooden outdoor furniture.

Can outdoor furniture be used indoors?

While outdoor furniture is designed specifically for outdoor use, many pieces can be used indoors as well. However, it's important to consider the style and design of the piece, as well as the materials used, to ensure it complements your indoor living space.

However, it's not recommended to use indoor furniture outdoors as most of the pieces are not designed to withstand the elements.