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Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

More than just the setting for your iced beverage, our iconic coffee tables create the perfect spot for your famous appetizer platters and weeknight board game triumphs. Browse our selection of options that come with or without storage – whichever you need.

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Coffee Tables

Stylish, Practical Coffee Tables

Coffee tables and side tables serve a dual purpose in any living space. As well as offering the chance to add a stylish centrepiece to your room or an aesthetic addition to a seating area, they also have a very practical purpose. Coffee tables are used to keep drinks, as well as books and magazines, vases and ornaments and other devices such as remote controls.

But how do you choose the right coffee table for your space? Your decision largely comes down to several key factors. Think about what kind of living space you want to create, based around the following criteria.

Coffee Table Colors and Materials

Think about the color and material. Do you want a natural wood finish, painted surfaces to match your color scheme or other material finishes such as glass or wood? There are also specialty materials such as rattan, which could add a unique stylistic touch to your home.

Style Choices for Coffee Tables

What style works best for your home? Are you looking for retro chic with a mid-century inspired coffee table or does a more modern polished concrete finish better suit your space? Size matters too, as does shape. With everything from large and round coffee tables to small and square (as well as nesting tables) available, you can find the right table for your practical and design needs.

Storage and Accessories

It’s also a good idea to think about extra storage options, such as drawers and shelves. This can make it easier to keep your space tidy, providing valuable space to store items like chargers, magazines, coasters and more. This helps to cut back on clutter and keep coffee table surfaces clear for when you need them.

There are loads of great coffee table design ideas in our range, large and small, square and rounded, with plenty of storage options and even split-level surfaces. Team your coffee table with other furniture from our range, including 2 and 3 seater sofas, sectional sofa choices, TV consoles, as well as shelves and cabinets, for a complete redesign of your living space. Match items together for a cohesive look or go for an eclectic approach with a mixture of styles, materials and finishes.


How to decorate a coffee table?

There are a few easy ways to make your coffee table look immaculately styled and set like in the magazines. Firstly, use a tray as a way to incorporate a different color, texture and even shape from your coffee table. This tray also serves as a container to keep objects neatly displayed on the coffee table.

Next, play with decorative objects of different heights. Whether it's plants, flowers, pots, fruit, candles or books, have them arranged at staggered heights to provide dimension

Use books and magazines to fill up space or group them together stacked to add more dimension. You can even switch them around to change up the color and look of your coffee table to match the season without adding more elements and creating clutter.

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