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Sofa Accessories and Organizers

Transform your sofa experience with our range of detachable sofa headrests, armrest organizers, and remote holders. Buy Now Pay Later. 14-Day Easy Returns. Shop Now!

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Sofa Armrest Table
Sofa Armrest Table
Sofa Armrest Table
With Overhang Ledge, Adjustable Width
Leather Armrest Organizer
Leather Armrest Organizer
Leather Armrest Organizer
Genuine Top Grain Leather
Sofa Headrest
Sofa Headrest
Sofa Headrest
Stainless Steel Frame, Fiber Filling
Leather Sofa Headrest
Leather Sofa Headrest
Stainless Steel Frame, Fiber Filling

Sofa Accessories and Organizers

Sofa Accessories that Elevate Your Lounge Experience

Upgrade your lounging experience with our collection of sofa accessories that will be perfect additions to enhance your relaxation zone. Whether you're looking to add extra comfort, convenience, or style to your couch, we carry a range of sofa headrests, armrest tables, and sofa caddies.

Detachable Sofa Headrests for Convenience and Support

Designed for customizable support and plush comfort, these headrests are the perfect addition to any sofa. Choose from leather or fabric sofa headrests to perfectly match the look and style of your sofa.

Keep Essentials Close with Armrest Organizers

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to convenience as you store remotes, magazines, snacks, and more in these handy organizers. With sleek designs and ample organization space, our armrest organizers are a must-have for any living space.

Perfect for apartment living or smaller homes, these sofa accessories are a great alternative for storage and organization in living rooms lacking space for coffee tables and side tables.


I rent my apartment. Can I still use sofa accessories?

Absolutely! Many sofa accessories are non-permanent and won't damage your furniture. Opt for headrests with straps or organizers that slide on for easy removal when needed.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a sofa headrest?

Consider the height and adjustability of the headrest to ensure proper neck support. Choose the filling material based on your preference - memory foam offers better contouring, while fiberfill provides a softer feel.

Do sofa accessories fit all couches?

Many sofa accessories are designed to be universal and fit most couches. However, it's always a good idea to check the dimensions before purchasing.

What sofa accessories do I need?

The best accessories for your couch depends on your needs and preferences. If you struggle with neck pain, a headrest is a great choice. Armrest organizers and caddies are perfect for keeping items like magazines, remotes, chaging cables and more within reach and organized, while armrest tables offer a space-saving, convenient surface for drinks and snacks for living rooms lacking space for side tables.
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