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Nightstands & Bedside Tables

Nightstands & Bedside Tables

Nightstands are an essential part of the bedroom. It's the place you leave your book, where you charge your phone and where you attack your alarm clock in the morning. But they also serve a stylistic purpose, adding symmetry and design features as well as function.

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Seb Nightstand
Seb Nightstand
Seb Nightstand
Acacia Wood, 2 Drawers, Rustic Finish
Emery Nightstand
Emery Nightstand
Emery Nightstand
Fluted Timber Panels, Brass Handles
Guin Round Side Table
Guin Round Side Table
Guin Round Side Table
Matte Concrete, Outdoor Friendly
Sitewide Sale
Harper Side Table
Harper Side Table
Harper Side Table
Oak Veneer, Tambour Doors
Joseph Nightstand
Joseph Nightstand
Joseph Nightstand
2-Drawer Bedside Table
Sitewide Sale
Mori C Side Table
Mori C Side Table
Mori C Side Table
C-Shaped, Slab Legs, Oak
Olwen Side Table
Olwen Side Table
Olwen Side Table
Matte Ceramic Finish, Outdoor Friendly
Duncan Sculptural Side Table
Duncan Sculptural Side Table
Duncan Sculptural Side Table
Matte Finish, Outdoor Friendly
Crescent 1-Drawer Nightstand
Crescent 1-Drawer Nightstand
Crescent 1-Drawer Nightstand
Mindi & Mappa Burl Veneer
Sitewide Sale
Crescent 2-Drawer Nightstand
Crescent 2-Drawer Nightstand
Crescent 2-Drawer Nightstand
Mindi & Mappa Burl Veneer
Sitewide Sale
Casa C-Side Table
Casa C-Side Table
Casa C-Side Table
Minimalist Design, Chamfer Stop Detail

Nightstands & Bedside Tables

One Nightstand or Two?

If you share a bed with a significant other, having a nightstand on each side provides balance and symmetry to your space, as well as having a designated space for personal belongings so you can keep the peace in the bedroom.

Colors and materials

Bedside tables are generally freestanding cabinet units with a flat surface for storing items you may need on hand during the night. They can also come with other inbuilt storage such as drawers and cupboards under the surface, generally for larger items or things you don’t need quite as regularly. Bedside tables are usually made from wood, the perfect material for your sleeping space. There is a variety of natural wood finishes in our range, with table legs made from either wood or metal.

Style Choices for Bedside Tables

Your side tables should ideally match the style in the rest of the room, but not be too large or intrusive. Our stylish choice of mid-century and modern designs can work in a range of design schemes. Drawer and cupboard storage adds practical value, providing a great place to keep clutter off surfaces but still to hand. Choose between round or circular designs according to your taste, with leg options and freestanding base designs also available. Wooden bedside tables can work really well with both our wood bed frames and fabric bed frames.

Bedside Tables Storage and Accessories

One of the primary purposes of bed tables is storage. The tabletop is a great place to keep the book you are reading, your phone, a cup of morning coffee or other handy items. Bedside tables with drawers and cupboards offer more much needed bedroom storage under the surface, where you can keep clothes, magazines, chargers and more. Or you can choose a simpler design with just a countertop, with nesting table options also available.

Caring For Your Bedside Table

Keep your bedside table stylish and functional with regular dusting using a soft dry cloth. For occasional spills or marks, a cloth slightly dampened with mild soap offers a gentle solution across all materials. Always follow up with a dry cloth to remove any leftover moisture, preserving the pristine condition of your table.

Protect your cherished piece from the fading rays of direct sunlight and the warping effects of humidity. Position it away from windows where excessive sunlight can reach, and maintain a stable indoor climate to prevent any moisture-related damage. For those with metal components, such as handles, ensuring the table stays dry is particularly crucial to avoid rust and maintain the metal's sleek appearance.

An occasional application of a suitable wood polish not only brings out the warmth and richness of the wood but also adds a protective layer against dust and everyday wear. This simple act of care ensures your bedside table not only looks beautiful but feels invitingly smooth to the touch, enriching your bedroom's ambiance.


C-Side Tables

Castlery C-Side Tables stand gracefully by your bed, a marvel of form and function. Between 19” to 24” and weighing between 20lbs to 30lbs, these tables offer stability without compromising on mobility.

Night Stands

Our Night Stand collection provides ample space for your bedtime necessities with a generous frame that goes up to 26” in length and 30” in height. Heavier in weight and going up to 100lbs, these tables anchor your bedroom decor with a sense of solidity and style. Perfectly proportioned to stand beside your bed, they bring convenience and elegance within arm's reach, complementing your sleeping space with timeless aesthetics.


What can I use instead of a bedside table?

Bedside tables are very simple in their design, so basically anything at the right height and with a small, flat surface can double up as a bedside table. However, if you want the perfect mixture of style and practicality, then it’s worth investing in some high-quality bedside tables from our range.

How to decorate bedside tables?

With such a simple design, the bedside table does not need too much decoration. In fact, it’s best to try and keep the surfaces as clear as you can for temporary storage of items like your phone or a cup of tea or coffee. However, a bedside table can also be a great place to keep a light for reading or even a vase for some fresh flowers.

How high should a bedside table be?

The bedside table should be at a comfortable height to match your sleeping level. As a general rule, the surface of the bedside table should be at the same height as the top of the mattress or a few centimeters higher so that it’s easy to grab items. The standard combined height of a mattress and bed frame is about 15 to 24 inches, so nightstands within that range is ideal.

Does Castlery's nightstands come with a matching bed frame?

Yes! All our nightstands come as part of a collection that includes bed frames. This includes our Emery Bed Frame, Crescent Bed Frame and the ever popular Joseph Bed Frame.

Can I use a side table as a nightstand?

The short answer is yes, you can. But side tables differ from nightstands in that they typically do not have storage compartments or drawers which can be very useful not only for additional storage for personal items, but also because nightstands often come as matching pieces to your bed frame so it's easy to coordinate the look of your bedroom.

Where should I go to buy nightstands for my bedroom?

Look no further than Castlery to find the perfect nightstand for your bedroom. Our online selection boasts a selection of sleek and modern models, ensuring you find the perfect bedside table to complement your bedroom décor. Each piece is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, providing you with stylish storage solutions that keep your essentials within reach.

Shop with us to discover the convenience of browsing and buying online, complemented by perks like Buy Now Pay Later and 14-Day Easy Returns. Castlery is your go-to store to buy nightstands that blend seamlessly with your personal style, helping transform your bedroom into a cozy and organized sanctuary.

Do you deliver bedside tables to all states across the country?

You may enter your zip code on any product page to check if we deliver our bedside tables and nightstands to your area. If your area is currently unavailable, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media to stay informed about our latest updates.

Does Castlery provide free shipping for nightstands and bedside tables?

Free Shipping is applicable to all orders that comprise bedding only. Kindly note that if your order includes other items like rugs or furniture, standard shipping fees apply. This offer is not valid for remote areas.​

For some major cities, Free Shipping is applicable to shipments with a subtotal of $999 and above, excluding add-on services. This includes orders that include bedside tables and nightstands. Refer to our delivery policy to see if free shipping is available for your state.

Please note that shipping fees are charged per shipment, not per order. If you are purchasing multiple items within an order, depending on each item’s estimated delivery, you may have multiple shipments within an order.

We recommend adding all items to your cart and during your checkout process, Free Shipping and all other shipping fees will be indicated accordingly.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

‘Estimated Delivery’ lead-times shown on each product page indicate the estimated date range you can expect the item to arrive at your delivery location. This lead time includes time taken for stock movement from manufacturing locations to our warehouse (this includes factors such as whether an item is made-to-order), and last mile delivery to your door.

Simply enter your zip code on any product page to see an estimate of when you can expect to receive the item. Please note that these dates are an estimate and may be subject to potential unforeseen delays.

Want us to hold off your delivery date because your home is not ready? Simply place your order, then reply to your order confirmation email with any special requests. We strive to respond to your request within one business day, but please note that not all requests can be accommodated.

What payment methods does Castlery accept?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal.

Does Castlery offer warranty on bedside tables and nightstands?

Castlery warrants that all our furniture is free from defective materials and workmanship. Warranty periods vary by product, commencing from the date of delivery. Castlery bedside tables and nightstands are subject to a 1-year warranty period, listed in our detailed Castlery warranty page.

If, during the warranty period, a product is deemed defective due to a manufacturing defect, Castlery will repair or replace part(s), at Castlery’s sole discretion. This Warranty covers the replacement or repair of any product or part of any product that has a manufacturing or material defect that is not the result of normal wear and tear, customer misuse, alternative handling, or a natural characteristic of the material used.

Seeking additional peace of mind? You may wish to purchase a Mulberry Extended Protection Plan. When placing an order for furniture on our website, simply select a plan with options ranging from 1-5 years’ warranty.

Can I cancel my order?

If you decide to change or cancel your order, please contact us any time before your shipment is processed to avoid incurring additional charges. As per our sales and refunds policy, you will receive a reminder in advance that your shipment is ready to be processed, and you will have 24 hours to request changes or cancellation without incurring charges. After that, your shipment will be processed and any changes or cancellation from thereon will incur a 20% restocking fee.

Are there any exclusions to Castlery's cancellation or refund policy?

We are unable to accommodate order changes / cancellations / refunds for the following items:

  • Any item marked as 'Clearance' or specified as on 'Final Sale'
  • Any form of Display items

Why is there a restocking fee for returns and refunds?

A restocking fee of 20% will be applied to cover the costs of processing and handling your returned item(s). This includes shipping the item back to our warehouse and/or one of our partners. We take pride in finding new homes for returned items whenever possible, and after a thorough review, we may decide to donate or resell the item to a trusted third-party partner. This helps reduce waste and ensures that the item finds a new home.
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