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Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Sets

Are you unsure where to start when decorating or furnishing your bedroom? Then let us help. Our design team has grouped complimentary furniture items together into matching sets, so getting that perfect bedroom is a little easier. Plus, with discounts for grouped items you might save yourself a little money too.

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Joseph Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set, Walnut
Joseph Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set, Walnut
Joseph Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set, Walnut
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats
Dalton Bed with 2 Harper Side Table Set
Dalton Bed with 2 Harper Side Table Set
Dalton Bed with 2 Harper Side Table Set
Wingback Headboard, Oak Tambour Doors
Set Sale
Dalton Bed with Seb Bedroom Storage
Dalton Bed with Seb Bedroom Storage
Dalton Bed with Seb Bedroom Storage
Wingback Headboard, Rustic Finish
Set Sale
Madison Bed with Seb Bedroom Storage
Madison Bed with Seb Bedroom Storage
Madison Bed with Seb Bedroom Storage
Grid Tufted, Open Base, Rustic Table
Set Sale
Seb Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Seb Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Seb Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Acacia Wood, Metal Handles, Rustic
Set Sale
Crescent Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Crescent Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Crescent Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Mindi Wood Bed, Mappa Burl Finish
Dawson Bed with 2 Crescent Nightstands
Dawson Bed with 2 Crescent Nightstands
Dawson Bed with 2 Crescent Nightstands
Low Profile Bed, Mappa Burl Side Table
Set Sale
Emery Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Emery Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Emery Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Fluted Timber Details, Floating Base
Set Sale
Joseph Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Joseph Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Joseph Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set
Floating Bed Base, Solid Pine Slats

Bedroom Sets

What materials are your bedroom furniture sets made of?

In your bedroom you need furniture that is both practical and comfortable but that also adds stylistic touches and the right finish. Wood is a classic material for bedrooms. It offers a huge range of tones, patterns, and finishes. Warm to the touch and very flexible in terms of how it can be used in a design scheme, our bedroom furniture store's wooden beds, bedroom storage and nightstand options can be combined in sets to completely furnish your bedroom space. As well as wood, fabric fabric beds and additional materials such as metal can also increase your material palate and add contrast and eye-catching detail to any bedroom space.

What colors do your bedroom furniture sets come in?

Castlery’s bedroom sets predominantly feature earthy and muted tones, such as classic beige and warm woods, which offer a timeless mid-century-inspired backdrop for your personal style to shine. These colors not only create a calm and relaxing atmosphere but also provide the flexibility to accessorize with splashes of color through bedding, curtains, and decor items.

Style choices for bedroom sets

Your bedroom is your inner sanctuary, probably the most personal room in the house. So, it’s very important that you choose the style that makes you feel most comfortable, at ease and rested. Of course, that can be different for everyone, but with our big choice of bedroom suites there is sure to be something to meet your style choices. Like our living room sets and dining room sets, bedroom suites are available in a range of classic mid-century and more modern designs, and can help you to create a bedroom that you can be proud of but also where you feel most rested.

How do I care for my bedroom furniture sets?

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your bedroom furniture sets involves regular care tailored to the materials used. Wooden pieces should be dusted and occasionally polished to preserve their finish and luster. Fabric elements benefit from vacuuming and spot cleaning to keep them fresh and inviting. Metal components require minimal upkeep, with periodic wiping to remove dust and prevent tarnish. Always refer to the specific care instructions provided to ensure your furniture remains in pristine condition.

Bedroom set accessories

As well as bed frames and bedside tables, bedrooms also need an ample amount of storage. Keeping your room free of clutter and with plenty of space to store clothes and spare bedding helps to ensure your bedroom is a relaxing environment. Check out our choice of cupboards, wardrobes and sideboards available in a range of wood finishes to improve your set of storage options while maintaining your style.

What types of bedroom furniture comes in a set?

Beds and Bed Frames

Our sets feature a variety of beds and bed frames, designed to serve as the centerpiece of your bedroom. Choose from a range of sizes, styles, and materials to find the perfect foundation for restful nights.

Bedside Tables

Complementary bedside tables and nightstands provide convenience and style, offering a home for your nighttime essentials while echoing the design language of your chosen set.


Maximize storage and maintain a clutter-free bedroom with dressers that match your set. These pieces not only offer practical storage solutions but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space.


What is included in a bedroom suite?

A bedroom suite generally includes a bed frame with two matching bedside tables. However, it is possible to get other bedroom storage in the same or similar style to match the bed set and give yourself more storage options.

What makes a bedroom restful?

A comfortable and good quality bed is essential. And having enough storage to make it a practical space that is free of clutter also makes it a much more relaxing environment.

Does a bedroom set include a mattress?

Generally, bedroom packages do not include mattresses but come with a bed frame and two bedside tables. Mattresses need to be bought separately. However, bed frames are usually standard sizes so finding the right mattress is pretty straightforward.

Do you deliver bedroom furniture sets to all states across the country?

You may enter your zip code into any bedroom furniture set product page to check if our online store currently delivers to your area. If we currently do not deliver to your location yet, we recommend signing up to our newsletter and/or following us on social media for the latest updates.

Does Castlery offer free shipping?

Free shipping is available for all orders that comprise bedding ONLY, as well as any orders in selected areas and zip codes with a minimum spend of US$999. All other shipping fees are charged per shipment, not per order, at a flat rate. Find out more about Castlery’s delivery information.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Estimated delivery times for your order will vary depending on the product being shipped. Simply enter your zip code into any product page to receive an estimated delivery time. Do note that these are just estimates, and may be subject to change per unforeseen circumstances. You may also opt to delay your delivery by replying to your confirmation email with any special requests. More information can be found on our delivery page.

What payment methods does Castlery accept?

Castlery currently accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and PayPal.

Do you offer a warranty on your furniture?

All products sold by Castlery, including bedroom furniture sets, come with a limited warranty period of up to ten (10) years, which varies depending on the specific item included. Beds, storage beds, sofa beds, and daybeds come with a three (3) year limited warranty for the frame and one (1) year limited warranty for all other components and soft furnishings. Wooden bed frames come with a one (1) year limited warranty. Mattresses come with a ten (10) year limited warranty with exclusions. Soft furnishings (e.g. rugs, poufs, cushions, and bedding) come with a one (1) year limited warranty. Find out more about Castlery’s product warranties.

Can I cancel my order after it has been confirmed?

Yes, you may cancel or make changes to your order for free provided you contact us any time before the shipment is processed. You will receive a reminder of this 24 hours in advance, and you will have those 24 hours to reach out to us before the shipment is processed. After that period has passed, any changes or cancellations requested will incur a 20% restocking fee.

Items marked as ‘clearance’, ‘final sale’ or as Display items are not eligible for changes, cancellations, or refunds.

Where to buy bedroom furniture sets?

Worry no more about where to buy cohesive, aesthetically-elevated bedroom furniture sets when you shop at Castlery's online store. With a wide selection of styles, materials, and configurations, our sets are designed to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping, along with benefits like Buy Now Pay Later and 14-Day Easy Returns. Start exploring our collection today and take the first step toward a beautifully furnished bedroom to serve as the sanctum of your home.
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