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Blue Sofas

Colourful, classic and effortlessly stylish, a blue sofa can make a fantastic addition to your living space. Ideal for both modern and traditional design themes, blue sofas can be paired with a number of other tones and furnishings to create an interior that will look good and stand the test of time.

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Blue Sofas

Why choose a blue sofa?

Blue is a fantastic choice for a living room sofa as it will add colour and style to your home without dominating your interior. Classic and contemporary, a blue couch can complement everything from Scandinavian-style living spaces to period themes. In fact, this versatile shade works in almost every interior design setting.

How to find the right blue sofa for your living room

Because blue is a popular colour for sofas, there’s a great choice of styles and sizes available. If your space is small and cosy, opt for a two-seater sofa. This will give you a comfortable place to relax while maximising floor space in the room.

If you have more square footage to play with, why not choose a modular sofa design? These versatile pieces can be laid out as two and three-seater sofas as well as L-shaped and even U-shaped furnishings. Pile your sofa high with cushions to create a seating area that’s generous and welcoming.

How to decorate your living room with a blue sofa?

Build your interior design around your blue sofa to create a space that’s stylish and unique. Rugs can be used to define your seating area and you can use side tables and sideboards to help frame your sofa and add practicality to the space.

Keep your living room centrepiece looking good by opting for a design with removable sofa covers. This will make it easy to keep your sofa clean and help it withstand the wear and tear of family life.

Find out more about creating a stylish blue lounge, and learn about the beautiful sofas in our collection, by taking a look around our site today.


Are blue couches in style?

Blue is one of those classic colours that never really goes out of style. Because it works well with virtually all interior design themes, it can be used in everything from classic to contemporary and mid-century modern to period interiors.

What cushions match a blue sofa?

There are a number of different cushion colours that work well with blue sofas. If you want a contrasting shade, choose a bright yellow or orange. This will help to turn your sofa into an eye-catching feature and add another tone to your interior.

Alternatively, opt for a matching blue or a complementary grey and let your sofa be the star of the show.

What colour of rug matches well with a blue couch?

Again, as blue works with most other colours, you can be as creative as you like when choosing a rug for your seating area. Whites, greys and silvers all work really well with blue sofas, as do yellows, oranges and other shades of blue.

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