King Size Beds

Get a right royal night’s sleep with our deluxe king size beds, available in a wide selection of colours, materials and textures. An investment in your bedroom is an investment in your own well being – after all, what price can you put on getting ... Read more

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Length (cm)
Bed Slat Height
Rug Size
Seat Comfort
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Seat Softness
Deliver Within Nov 7 - Nov 14
Joseph Bed, Walnut
Deliver Within Nov 28 - Dec 5
Seb Bed
Deliver Within Feb 23 - Mar 2
Hudson Bed
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Joseph Bed Bouclé with 2 Joseph Bedside Tables
Deliver Within Dec 3 - Dec 10
Seb Bed with 2 Bedside Tables
Deliver Within Feb 23 - Mar 2
Hudson Bed with 2 Bedside Tables
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Joseph Bed, Bouclé
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Joseph Bed
Deliver Within Nov 7 - Nov 14
Joseph Bed Walnut with 2 Bedside Tables
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Joseph Bed with 2 Bedside Tables
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Cornell Mattress, Double Pocket Spring
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Will Mattress, Pocket Spring and Pillowtop
Deliver Within Oct 26 - Nov 2
Alber Mattress, High Density Pocket Spring
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A Royal King Sized Bed Treatment

We spend a third of our entire life in bed. So, why compromise on getting a good night’s sleep? A king size bed gives you all the space you need to stretch out and get comfortable, whether you’re sharing a bed with a partner or sleeping alone. You’ll be amazed at the difference having the extra room can make.

You’ll be able to sleep undisturbed, even if your bedfellow is tossing and turning, and there’s no more waking up pinned to one edge of the bed or with no covers to keep you warm. A king size bed is the epitome of bedroom luxury for good reason. And once you’ve made the change, we’re confident you’ll never go back.

King size bed colours and materials

Despite the many practical benefits of a king size bed, it’s not all about function. The form matters too. That’s why we stock a range of stylish king bed frames with plush headboards in a range of colours and materials.

A choice of wood, leather and fabric finishes in a range of tones mean there is a king bed for every bedroom. Light and dark wood and a colour palette including neutral grey tones, bold blues and bright tan leather mean you can create a sleeping area that is comfortable, practical and stylish.

Style choices for king size beds

Our sleek and modern bed frames come with luxurious padded headboards for extra comfort, with soft touch fabrics adding a dash of elegance. Clean lines keep things simple, perfect for the relaxing environment you want in a bedroom.

Several of our king size bed frames come with matching bedside tables, a practical accessory that adds extra storage for reading materials, water, a morning cup of coffee or any other personal items you might need close by.

Storage and accessories

As well as the matching bedside tables available with some of our king size beds, there are other bedroom storage options open to you. We stock bed frames with built in draws in the divan section, offering a handy and convenient place to store clothes, extra bed sheets and more. This helps to keep your bedroom tidy, freeing up valuable storage space elsewhere in your home.

Whether you’re looking for bedroom sets including bedside tables or just a freestanding king size bed to get a better night’s sleep, our range has got you covered. Sleep like a king each night in a bigger, more spacious bed and it might just change your life. And there’s not many items of furniture you could genuinely say that about.