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Holidays Tailored for You​

Holidays Tailored for You​

This festive season, discover different ways to put a fresh spin on traditions at home.​

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Hosting for the holidays

With the spooky Halloween season coming to a close, Christmas is around the corner. The time has come to deck the halls with boughs of holly for the holiday season. While hosting your guests for the holidays, you can take the chance to impress your family with new furniture your dining room or lounge. Our wide range of furniture from lounge sofas to dining tables are bound to be an investment to spruce up your home style in time for the holidays.

Hosting furniture for parties

The key to an impressive dining room is the dining table; being the biggest piece of furniture in the dining room, the style of the dining table makes or breaks the entire style of the room. Dining tables should be durable and easy to clean considering its frequency of use and amount of food served upon it daily, these qualities would be commonly found in wood or metal metals.

Certain tables such as the Kelsey Marble Dining Table are made with marble instead, which is not only scratch proof and with its clean sleek surface makes it easy to identify and clean off any stains after a big meal.

For those who live in a smaller family expecting to host more guests during the holidays, an extendable dining table may suit your situation better. These tables can be relatively petite for your daily usage, but can be extended to accommodate more food and people when needed. The Seb Extendable Dining Table is not only made of durable solid acacia wood that is not only scratch resistant but also a versatile color and pattern of wood.

If you are planning to invest in a new dining room set, Castlery also offers chairs and benches from the same collection as the dining tables to help you curate a complimentary dining room set that is best suited to your dining room style, or the style that you are aiming to create.

Living room furniture pieces for hosting

As the time draws nearer to Christmas, no doubt you would already be setting up decorations and preparations to host family and friends.

The lounge or living room is the most optimal place in the house to place any Christmas decor, for it is afterall the place of gathering and bonding with the family. A comfortable sofa is also crucial to an enjoyable evening, and chaise sofas in particular would be able to accommodate everyone in the family comfortably for a bonding session.

Coffee tables are also a must-have in the lounge for its storage ability and how it adds a touch of design into the room. Designer coffee tables are not only conversation starters but fit well into any household with its complementary and neutral tones, yet retain its unique flair as a furniture for dinner parties.

Dining area for the holidays

As the weather gets wetter, your dining area of choice may move indoors from the sunny garden back into the dining room. When dining in for the holidays, it is preferable to choose a spot that is spacious for mingling, and with sufficient area to place snacks for the guests or just for yourself. With the curated dining room sets, you can ensure that space is already allocated for you to ensure enough space to move around and still be full. For those who prefer a more casual meetup in the lounge, bigger coffee tables or small dining tables also give you the liberty to use them as snack tables as you entertain your guests.


What furniture pieces should I consider for hosting parties?

Dining room furniture are important pieces to consider for hosting holiday meals like Christmas. Also consider living room pieces for seating like sofas and armchairs, and also a coffee table to tie the room together.

What are the most worth festive furniture I should purchase?

An investment in durable and timeless furniture is always a good choice, especially with materials such as leather that is available in our curated holiday furniture. Otherwise, a good durable wooden dining table both outdoors and indoors is a good choice to go for especially for big family dinners.

When is a good time to buy new furniture for the holidays?

It would be best to start preparing for the holiday season at least two weeks before the actual holiday, and would be wise to factor in shipping times for your furniture; Castlery has curated a list of furniture that ships out before the holidays.