Leather Armchairs

A leather armchair makes a commanding presence in any living room, study or reading nook. Classic, elegant and timeless — add some leather luxury to your space today with our selection of mid-century modern armchairs.

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Modern Leather Armchairs

The Castlery leather armchair is that timeless piece of living room furniture that cradles you in comfort. Leather breathes, and so be it on hot afternoons or on cold nights, you would still get the best in comfort with your leather armchair.

Leather is odor resistant, and just minimal efforts to keep your leather armchair clean and dry would be enough to ensure that it smells fresh. Leather is durable as well, capable of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday life over time. In fact, your leather armchair experience would get even better with time as leather gets softer with time and develops beautiful patina that tells the story of your space.

How to clean leather armchair?

Step 1: Remove the stain

Mild stains can be removed from the leather armchair with a washcloth and warm soapy water, ideally with the usage of saddle soap for leather. For more resilient stains, apply rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and use directly on the stain spot.

Step 2: Dry the leather

Subsequently, dry the spot with a clean, dry cloth. This prevents mildew from forming on your leather armchair.

Step 3: Leather cream

After drying the leather, apply leather cream on your leather armchair with the use of a clean cloth.

Complementary living room furniture for your leather armchair

A sofa will complement well with your leather armchair, providing you and your family with ample seating space in the living room. If you would like to kick your feet up and fully relax while you are on your leather armchair, a footstool, ottoman or pouf would be the perfect solution for you.