Wood Coffee Tables

Create a stylish focal point in your living room with a beautifully designed Castlery coffee table. Choose from a fantastic range of classic and contemporary designs to find the wooden coffee table that perfectly complements your interior.

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Deliver Within Nov 10 - Nov 17
Maui Coffee Table
Deliver Within Nov 1 - Nov 8
Peri Coffee Table
Deliver Within Nov 1 - Nov 8
Arvid Coffee Table, 90cm
Deliver Within Nov 1 - Nov 8
Jaxon Coffee Table
Deliver Within Nov 26 - Dec 3
Cupid Coffee Table
Deliver Within Nov 26 - Dec 3
Andre Coffee Table
Deliver Within Feb 15 - Feb 22
Vincent Coffee Table Set, Walnut
Deliver Within Nov 1 - Nov 8
Miles Coffee Table
Deliver Within Jan 18 - Jan 25
Jaxon Round Coffee Table
Deliver Within Feb 15 - Feb 22
Vincent Coffee Table Set, Oak
Deliver Within Nov 1 - Nov 8
Strato Coffee Table Walnut, 120cm
Deliver Within Dec 30 - Jan 6
Seb Coffee Table
Deliver Within Feb 7 - Feb 14
Hudson Coffee Table, 95cm
Deliver Within Feb 7 - Feb 14
Hudson Nesting Coffee Table, 120cm
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How to choose the right wooden coffee table for your home

When selecting a new wooden coffee table for your home, start by measuring the available floor space. This will give you a good idea of how big your table needs to be. Castlery coffee tables come in a great selection of sizes, so finding one that suits your living area should be easy.

If you’re furnishing a cosy space, look for a timber coffee table with a bright finish and thin, elegant legs. This will ensure that light is able to pass easily through the space and help your living room feel bigger. An oak coffee table is a good choice for a small space as the light timber finish will give your living room an airy, spacious feel.

If you have a little more space to play with, choose a large coffee table that fills the area and really makes a statement. Alternatively, invest in a set of side tables that can be placed next to your sofa or wall and moved into the middle of the room when needed.

Accessorising your wooden coffee table

Accessorising your coffee table will help to make it an integral part of your interior. Use table lamps to create a soft pool of light around your coffee table or place a standing lamp nearby to illuminate the entire space.

If you have an open plan living room/diner, select a coffee table in a similar style to your dining table and run your interior design theme throughout the space. Choosing a matching TV stand or a complementary sideboard for your living room will also help to bring your design together and create an interior you can be proud of.

Explore our beautiful range of wooden coffee tables, as well as our dining tables and accessories, by taking a look through our collection today.


What is the best wood for a coffee table?

The type of wood used to make your coffee table will have an impact on its look and its durability. Look for pieces made from high quality wood like oak, acacia and walnut. These tough timbers will withstand the wear and tear of daily life and look great for years to come.

How thick should a wood coffee tabletop be?

The tabletop on your coffee table doesn’t need to be particularly thick in order to be strong. As long as the piece is well designed, even thin wooden tabletops can work well.

How much overhang should a coffee tabletop have?

Again, this comes down to design. While some coffee tables won’t have any overhang, some will be designed to have a significant overhang. Take a look at a few different tables to decide which style you like best.

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