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Bouclé Sofas

Bouclé sofas are stand-out pieces of furniture that would sit well in any type of interior styles. An eye-catching Bouclé lounge piece brings warmth and cosiness to your living room, creating an inviting spot to gather with friends or simply relax after a long day.

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Lucas Performance Bouclé Sofa
Spill-Resistant, Thick Cushion Armrest
Solange Performance Bouclé Sofa
Spill-Resistant, Petite, Curved Back
Odette Performance Bouclé Sofa
Spill-Resistant, Curve Back, Metal Leg
Kit Bouclé Stool
White Boucle, Solid Ash Legs
Marlow Performance Bouclé Wedge Sofa
Spill-Resistant, Channel Tufted
Auburn Build-Your-Own Living Room Set, 3-4 Seater
Spill-Resistant, Modular Storage Unit
Auburn Wedge Storage Console
Spill-Resistant, Modular Storage Unit

Bouclé Sofas

How to dress a Bouclé sofa?

Bouclé sofas have a unique textured finish. This means that they’re a little more decorative than sofas upholstered with plain fabrics. In fact, Bouclé sofas have such a distinctive look that they don’t necessarily need cushions or throws in order to look their best.

So, if you want to keep things simple and elegant, why not leave your Bouclé fabric sofa free of accessories and let it speak for itself? Alternatively, place some complementary scatter cushions on your Bouclé sofa and armchairs to bring even more colour and personality to your living room.

Why choose a Bouclé sofa for your home?

Bouclé sofas are a great choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Their timeless elegance means they work with pretty much every type of interior design and so can easily be incorporated into your living room.

Another benefit of a Bouclé couch is that its thick, looped sofa covers are incredibly durable. This means Bouclé sofas are able to withstand the hustle and bustle of family life.

What style are Bouclé sofas?

Bouclé sofas come in a wide range of styles. However, they’re probably most commonly associated with the mid-century modern aesthetic. If you already have mid-century modern coffee tables or sideboards, adding a Bouclé sofa with a retro wooden frame to the space is a great way to complete your look.

Find out more by exploring our beautiful collection today.


What is a Bouclé sofa?

A Bouclé sofa is a sofa upholstered using Bouclé fabric. This heavy, looped material has a distinctive textured finish, making it irresistibly tactile. As well as being attractive, Bouclé fabric is also hardwearing and durable, so it’s ideal for use on sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings.

Is Bouclé good for a sofa?

Because Bouclé fabric is thick, durable and long lasting, it’s perfect for heavily-used furnishings like sofas. With the ability to withstand the wear and tear of family life better than some other materials, your Bouclé sofa will stay looking good for longer.

However, if you have cats, a Bouclé sofa may not be your best option. Feline friends can easily get their claws into the loops of the fabric and pull threads loose. This can result in your sofa looking worn before its time.

Does a Bouclé sofa get dirty easily?

If you buy a new Bouclé sofa, it will probably come complete with an anti-stain treatment. This means it will be fairly resistant to marks, spills and dirt. Vacuuming your Bouclé sofa on a regular basis, and cleaning spills as soon as they happen, will help to keep it clean and ensure it looks as good as possible.

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