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Small Dining Room Sets

Small Dining Room Sets

Your dining room or space doesn’t have to be huge to have a big impact. It’s all about choosing the right size and shape for your space, with a huge choice of colours, materials, and design styles to create the perfect dining experience.

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Small Dining Room Sets

Small dining room set size and shape

The first thing to do is to measure up your available dining space. This will let you know how many people you can comfortably seat and give you a better idea of both the shape of the table and orientation you require. You might also want to consider an extendable table which will give you the option of adding more space should you need it. Dining room furniture sets for small spaces are usually for two or four seat tables, but some smaller six-seater options might also be a possibility. Small dining room sets with benches can also give you flexible seating options.

Style choices for small dining sets

Small dining room sets can still let you go big on style. You can choose between modern and contemporary options, as well as more classical and elegant designs, with rustic farmhouse styles also available. Often the shape of your dining table will determine the style, with small round dining room sets increasing traffic space and making it easier for diners to get in and out of chairs when required.

Material and colour choices

There is a range of material options for small dining tables, with wood being one of the more popular choices. Having natural finishes that create tones of various shades, wood is also a durable and sturdy material for your home. Look out for good build quality as this will ensure longevity of your investment, with wood often aging better than some other materials. Small dining room sets also come in glass and metal options, in a range of colours including standard black or white options, which allow you to build your colour scheme without the fear of clashing.


How to set up a small dining room

Measure your space and choose a table alignment that allows maximum access both to seating and around the outside of the table. You also need to weigh up how many seats you can comfortably fit and whether there is room for accessories such as rugs and sideboards.

How do you arrange furniture in a small dining room?

You need to think about the size and shape of your table and whether it can fit comfortably in your space. It is tempting to go for an option with more seating but if you don’t have the space this can leave diners feeling a little cramped. Think about alignment too, as this can have a big impact.

Where should a table be placed in a small room?

It depends whether it is a dedicated dining space or an open plan set up. Small tables can get dwarfed in the center of the room in open plan set ups so look to create a dining zone or nook. In a dining room, a central position is usually best.

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