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Quilt Covers

Add comfort, warmth and style to your bedroom with a quilt cover. Consisting of a sealed pocket filled with down or other soft and insulating materials, a duvet is a great alternative to sheets and blankets, providing a great opportunity to add style with a huge choice of cover designs and colours.

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Waffle Duvet Cover
Waffle Duvet Cover
Waffle Duvet Cover
100% Cotton, Waffle-Knit Texture
Sateen Duvet Cover
100% Cotton, Satin Weave
Percale Duvet Cover
Percale Duvet Cover
Percale Duvet Cover
100% Cotton, Highly Breathable
Percale Duvet & Sheet Set
Percale Duvet & Sheet Set
Percale Duvet & Sheet Set
100% Cotton, Highly Breathable

Quilt Covers

Why do you need a quilt cover?

Quilt covers are essential for a number of reasons. For a start, they’re a lot easier to clean than quilts, duvets and blankets. This means you can wash them regularly and keep your bed clean, comfortable and fresh.

Quilt covers are also a lot more decorative than the quilts or blankets they contain. This allows you to add colour and character to your interior quickly and easily. What’s more, as quilt covers are very affordable, you can change them as often as you want, updating the look of your room with each new set.

How to choose the perfect quilt cover for your bedroom

Because the bed is the central feature of your bedroom, the quilt cover you choose will have a big impact on the look and feel of the space. So, when you invest in a new quilt cover and fitted sheet, it’s important to put a bit of thought into finding the perfect style for your interior.

Before you start your search for the perfect quilt cover, make sure you check the size of your bed. Like mattresses, quilt covers come in a range of different dimensions, so it’s important you find the right set for your bed.

Next, you’ll need to decide on a colour, or colour palette, for your quilt cover. If your bedside tables, wardrobes and drawers are all fairly neutral, you can either match them with a light, natural tone or go in the opposite direction and opt for something bright and bold. Look to your other furnishings for inspiration. If you already have colourful tones in your curtains, rug or wall art, complementing these with an eye-catching quilt cover could be the perfect choice.

To find out more, get essential interior design inspiration and find the perfect bedroom furniture sets for your home, explore our collections today.


What is the difference between quilt covers and duvet?

Quilt covers and duvet covers are the sheets that contain the quilt or duvet itself. Generally made from a thin layer of cotton or other fabric, they form an envelope for the duvet or quilt to lie on it. Quilt covers are often highly decorative and come in a wide range of colours and designs.

The duvet is the thick, warm blanket that goes inside the quilt cover. It’s this that will keep you nice and toasty on cold winter nights.

What is the easiest way to put a quilt cover on?

There are lots of different ways to put a quilt cover on. One of the easiest is to turn the quilt cover inside out, put your arms inside the cover, right into the corners and grab the corresponding corners of your quilt. You can then turn the quilt cover the right way around, enveloping your quilt in the process.

Is a quilt cover a blanket?

A quilt cover is the very outer layer of your bedding. It’s the bit that covers the quilt, duvet or blanket that you use to keep you warm. Quilt covers are normally much more decorative than blankets and can be used to add colour and character to your bedroom.

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