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Dining Chair Sale

Dining Chair Sale

Giving friends and family somewhere comfortable to sit when they come round for a meal, good quality chairs will help you to create a fantastic dining area. Take a look at our dining chairs for sale to find pieces that offer great value as well as classic style.

Dining Chair Sale

How to find the perfect dining room chairs

Chairs are an integral part of your dining room furnishings. Investing in attractive, comfortable dining chairs will help you to create a space that’s welcoming and stylish and add a fantastic design feature to your home.

When choosing new chairs for your dining room, our dining room chair sale is a great place to start. Offering excellent value for money, these affordable chairs will allow you to make the perfect dining area and leave plenty of room in your budget for accessories and extras.

Upholstered dining chairs

Encourage friends and family to stay seated at your dining table for longer by choosing comfortable, upholstered dining chairs. These padded furnishings are finished with a choice of fabrics, making it easy to find the colour and style that suits your interior.

Upholstered dining chairs with wooden legs and frames work especially well in Scandinavian-style homes and mid-century modern interiors. However, as they offer a classic aesthetic, they also work well in contemporary and period properties.

Choose chairs that match the colour of your walls or accessories or select your seating first and build your interior design around your dining room centrepiece. If you have a combined living room and dining area, make sure the fabric on your upholstered dining chairs complements your sofa and the other furnishings in the space.

What are the best dining chairs for small spaces?

If your dining area is cosy and intimate, benches can make a great alternative to traditional chairs. Taking up minimal space, while providing plenty of comfortable places to sit, benches can help you to create welcoming dining areas in the cosiest of homes.

Learn more about our beautiful collection of dining chairs, and find a dining chair on sale, by exploring our range today.


What is the most comfortable dining chair?

In general, padded, upholstered dining chairs are more comfortable than chairs without any built-in cushions. If your chairs aren’t padded, you can often buy separate cushions that can be placed on the seat to make them more welcoming.

Should dining chairs have arms?

While dining chairs can have arms, they don’t need to have arms in order to be comfortable and practical. Often, chairs without arms take up less space and are easier to store beneath dining tables. This is why armless chairs are generally more popular than those with arms.

What is the difference between a side chair and a dining chair?

Side chairs and dining chairs are virtually the same thing. Like dining chairs, side chairs generally don’t have arms and, while they can be upholstered on the seat and back, have exposed frames and a more slimline appearance than armchairs or club chairs.

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