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Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

Get some fresh air! Outdoor dining furniture is essential for breezy potlucks and BBQ gatherings in your balcony, patio or garden. Stylish yet weather-proof, this is the future site of enjoyable meals out in the open. Castlery’s outdoor tables, benches and chairs are crafted from sturdy, high-quality wood so they last rain or shine, year after year.

Outdoor Dining


Can you use outdoor dining furniture inside?

There’s no reason why you can’t use outdoor furniture inside if you really want, and it can look great in spaces such as conservatories or sunrooms. However, outdoor furniture tends to be designed with durability in mind, and while comfortable, can’t compete with specially designed indoor furniture.

How to light a Singapore outdoor dining space?

Outdoor lighting needs to be the right mix of practical and atmosphere. You need lighting that lets you see, cook and hang out outdoors when the sun goes down but that also creates the right atmosphere.

What is the purpose of an outdoor dining area?

The purpose of an outdoor dining area is to create a space where you can dine and entertain outside when the weather allows. Eating outside can be a great experience, provided you have the right environment and set up. Check out the outdoor furniture in our range to see what’s available.