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Bouclé Chairs

Bouclé Chairs

Add style and elegance to your home with a beautiful bouclé chair. This is a tactile and hardwearing fabric that is ideal for living rooms or any other part of your home, available in a range of colours and styles.

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Bouclé Chairs

Why choose bouclé?

Bouclé is a woven or knitted yarn type fabric that provides a hard wearing yet elegant covering for all types of chairs in the home. The yarn is produced by creating a series of loops which produces a pile type of effect. This is both warm to the touch yet very resilient, which makes it an ideal fabric for armchairs, sofas and ottomans. The name ‘bouclé’ comes from the French word for ‘loop’ or ‘curl’ and it has been a popular choice for chairs and other furniture over the last 100 years. It was particularly popular with mid-century designers, and even today provides a touch of elegant mid-century chic in your home.

How to create the mid-century look

The mid-century design has always been popular but perhaps never more so than today. Based around furniture that used exposed wood and durable materials in a simple yet effective design, boucle has often been a natural choice for this style of furniture. A bouclé armchair can add a touch of mid-century flair to any living space and works well as a counterpoint to leather armchairs and sofas, or as a stand alone item. Bouclé swivel chairs are also perfect for a stylish mid-century home office.

What colour to choose?

Bouclé works very well in neutral tones such as beige, cream, and grey. These colours really accentuate the natural feel of the fabric and bring out the loops and tactile nature of the design.


What kind of fabric is bouclé chair?

Bouclé is a kind of woven yarn that is made using a series of loops. The term comes from the French word for ‘loop’ or ‘curl’. It is very resilient and is often used in mid-century style furniture although it has many other uses too.

How to clean bouclé chair?

Soak up any excess liquid or dirt immediately, then use a cloth or soft bristle brush with warm soapy water to remove the rest. Brush the area with quick and light strokes.

Is a bouclé chair comfortable?

Bouclé is a naturally warm and tactile material that makes for a really comfortable but hard-wearing chair cover.