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Small Sofas

Small but perfectly formed, our 2-seater sofas make it easy to create a comfortable and stylish seating area in even the cosiest living rooms. Available in a fantastic choice of colours, fabrics and styles, these petite couches will make the perfect centrepiece in your small lounge.

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Small Sofas

Why choose a small sofa?

If you don’t have a lot of spare floor space in your living room, a small couch can help you to create a comfortable and attractive seating area without dominating your interior. Our 2-seater sofas come in a choice of sizes, starting from just 155cm in length. This makes it easy to find a comfortable and stylish sofa, no matter the dimensions of your living space.

As well as being perfect for a small lounge, a small sofa can also be used to add extra seating space to a larger living room. For example, you could install two smaller sofas in your space and face them toward each other. This will help to make your seating area feel more social and turn it into a real focal point.

Small 2-seater sofas can also be paired with 3-seaters, corner sofas, and chaise designs to create a versatile living space that meets your needs perfectly.

What style of small sofa is best for your living room?

If floor space is very limited, a standard 2-seater sofa is probably your best option. You can make your living room feel even bigger by choosing one of our light grey sofas. These stylish designs will help to reflect light around the space and make your room feel bigger and brighter.

Lighter leather sofas can also be a good choice for small living rooms. Easy to care for and effortlessly stylish, they’ll allow you to create an attractive and characterful focal point in even the smallest of spaces.

If you have a little more room to play with, you could choose a small corner sofa or add an ottoman to your 2-seater design. This will give you a little more seating space, and a little more flexibility when friends and family stop by to visit.

Explore our beautiful range of small 2-seater sofas, chaise sofas, and corner sofas by taking a look through our collection today.


What is a small sofa called?

Small sofas are generally referred to as 2-seaters. You may also hear them called love seats or chaise sofas.

What size is a small sofa?

A small sofa is anything that’s designed to fit two people. The smallest sofas you’ll find will measure around 155cm in length. Longer small sofas can be up to 175cm long.

How to arrange 2 sofas in a small living room?

If you need plenty of seating space in your small living room, investing in two small sofas can help you meet your requirements without taking up too much floor space. Place your small sofas at right angles to create an L-shaped design or face them towards each other for a fantastic social set up.

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