Outdoor Lounge

Outdoor Lounge

Transform your garden into a fantastic al fresco living space with some beautifully designed outdoor lounge furniture. From 3 seater sofas to coffee tables, outdoor furniture can help you create a space that’s attractive, practical and a real asset to your home.

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How to create an outdoor lounge?

The easiest way to create an outdoor lounge is to invest in one of our high quality outdoor sofas. Designed to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable place to relax, unwind and socialise, these durable 2 and 3 seater sofas are ideal for patios, decked areas, courtyards and balconies.

Create a sociable and welcoming feel in your outdoor lounge with one of our exterior corner sofas. Perfect for parties, al fresco dinners and summer nights, corner sofas provide plenty of seating for all your friends and family.

If you’re furnishing a small space, choose one of our beautiful 2 seater sofas. Perfect for bijou balconies and petite patios, a comfy 2 seater will give you the perfect place to enjoy an al fresco drink at the end of a busy day.

How to accessorise your outdoor lounge?

Boost the functionality of your outdoor lounge with a few carefully chosen accessories. Place one of our stylish coffee tables next to your outdoor lounge chair to make the space more practical, or cover your sofa with sumptuous cushions so you can use the piece as a daybed or even an occasional sofa bed.

If your outdoor lounge is positioned in an especially sunny spot, make sure you invest in an umbrella or shade sail. This will help to protect you from the worst of the summer sun and ensure your seating area is a great place to be throughout the day.

Learn more about our outdoor furnishings, and start creating the perfect outside seating area for your home to enjoy the great Australian outdoors, by exploring our collection today.


Are outdoor sofas waterproof?

Most good quality outdoor sofas are made from materials that are resistant to rain, sun and bad weather. This means you don’t have to bring your outdoor sofa in every time it rains. However, your outdoor furniture will last a lot longer if you cover it in the winter months and bring cushions indoors during bad weather.

How to clean outdoor sofa cushions?

If your cushions have collected a layer of dust and dirt, you should first try to remove as much of this dirt as possible with a vacuum cleaner. Once the surface is clear, you can clean most light markings and spills using warm, soapy water and a sponge. Adding a little vinegar to the mix can further help to lift dirt from the fabric and leave the cushions looking good.

How to make an outdoor sofa?

Because outdoor sofas need to withstand the elements, they need to be made from tough, durable materials. As a result, it’s not easy to make an outdoor sofa yourself. Investing in a purpose designed and purpose built exterior sofa will ensure your new outdoor lounge looks good for as long as possible.