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First impressions matter. Your hall or entryway is the first impression of your home that guests and visitors will get, so keep it clear from shoes and other clutter with an entryway storage unit. Create a helpful place to sit and put on or ... Read more

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Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Luna Sideboard, 160 cm
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Hudson Bench

2 sizes available

Leaves Warehouse By Nov 17
Miles Bench

2 sizes available

Leaves Warehouse By Jan 1
Doris Bench
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Nero Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse In 3 working days
Miles Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Oct 25
Tate Sideboard, 180cm
Leaves Warehouse By Dec 29
Lily Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Dec 29
Luka Cabinet
Leaves Warehouse By Sep 8
Jaxon Dining Bench
Leaves Warehouse By Dec 29
Almo Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Mar 4
Seb Dining Bench

2 sizes available

Leaves Warehouse By Jan 1
Miles Entryway Bench
Leaves Warehouse By Mar 9
Harper Sideboard
Leaves Warehouse By Nov 17
Seb Sideboard, 160cm
Leaves Warehouse By Jan 1
Hudson Sideboard, 156 cm
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Seating & storage colours and materials

Our storage options and benches range from classic to modern, with sleek and simple designs, all made using the finest quality materials and build quality. Available in a choice of colours including a variety of wood finishes and colours, our extensive range of sideboards can suit any entry space. Classic benches are functional, without sacrificing anything in the style department, with a choice of wood or upholstered seating areas and integrated storage options also available. You can also team with some stylish cushions or other soft furnishings to complete the look.

Style choices for seating and storage

Entryway storage units need to be big enough to be useful for storing shoes, umbrellas and more but they also need to be relatively slimline so as not to get in the way. Our choice of stylish sideboards is available in a range of wood finishes and colours. Inspired by Scandi-chic and modern art deco designs, these sideboards are as useful as they are elegant. Fitting neatly up against the wall in your entryway, under the counter storage and countertops provide the perfect place to keep footwear, keys and other essentials such as wallets and bags. Entryway benches are also a great place to sit and tie up your laces or take your shoes off after a hard day on your feet. You can also team your storage and seating options with a hallway mirror to provide more light or add coat racks for more effective storage solutions.

Storage and accessories

Our entryway sideboards and benches are all about providing valuable storage space and functional furniture for your home. Whether that’s a hallway, living room, bedroom or even bathroom, they let you tidy away clutter and organise your space in a more effective and efficient way. And, unlike built in or fixed storage, these units can be moved to wherever they look best. They are a great alternative or addition to a console table in any hall or entry space.


What is a storage bench?

A storage bench is a piece of furniture that combines a seating area with an element of storage, whether that’s in the form of a drawer, or under-bench cupboard.

Can you sit on a storage bench?

Dedicated storage benches perform a dual function. The first is to provide a convenient place to sit, whether that’s putting on or taking off shoes in an entryway or while waiting for a bath to run in the bathroom. Benches with integrated storage options also provide a convenient place to keep keys, phones and other essentials.

How tall are storage benches?

Storage benches, like regular benches, tend to be between 18 and 20 inches high. This provides a comfortable seating height that allows easy access and exit from the seating position.