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Rectangle Coffee Tables

Rectangle Coffee Tables

Add a focal point to your living space with a Castlery rectangle coffee table. The perfect place for drinks, snacks and display books, a rectangular table will help you complete your seating area and make your living room practical and stylish.

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Peri Coffee Table
Rounded Edges, Storage, Walnut Veneer
Andre Coffee Table
Walnut & High Gloss Rotating Tabletop
Maui Outdoor Coffee Table
Acacia Wood, Slatted Tabletop
Sorrento Outdoor Coffee Table
Aluminum Frame, Resin Top
Sloane Rectangular Coffee Table
Fluted Slab Legs, Grey Oak

2 sizes available

Seb Coffee Table with Storage
Acacia Wood, 2 Drawers, Rustic Finish

Rectangle Coffee Tables

Is a rectangular coffee table right for my lounge?

Aside from your sofa, your coffee table is probably the most important piece of furniture in your lounge. Giving your room a focal point, and providing somewhere stylish and convenient to put your drinks, a coffee table will help you complete your living room and maximise its versatility.

Rectangle coffee tables are the perfect shape to sit in front of straight 2 and 3 seater sofas. They also look great nestled in the corners of L-shaped seating areas. Choose a coffee table that complements the aesthetics of your living room to get the most from your seating area and your interior design.

If your living room is on the cosy side, or you just want to maximise floor space, choose one of our beautifully designed small coffee tables. Ideal for bijou homes and multifunctional spaces, a small coffee table can help you add practicality as well as style to your interior.

How to decorate around a rectangle coffee table?

Rectangle wooden coffee tables look even better when they’re paired with a few carefully chosen accessories. Clever lighting can be used to highlight your seating area and create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in the space. You can also use mirrors to make your living area feel bigger, lighter and brighter.

If you’ve chosen one of our grey sofas for your lounge, you can add colour to your seating area with one of our stylish rugs. Choose a rug that complements the other colours and patterns in the space and place it under your rectangular coffee table to turn your seating area into a real focal point.

Explore our collection of beautifully crafted rectangular coffee tables today to find the perfect piece for your home.

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How big is a rectangle coffee table?

Rectangular coffee tables come in a wide range of sizes. Small coffee tables are perfect for homes with limited floor space, while larger rectangle coffee tables can be used to add a focal point to more expansive seating areas.

What is the average size of a rectangular coffee table?

Most rectangular coffee tables are around 40cm to 50cm high, 120cm to 140cm long and 60cm to 75cm wide. However, it’s possible to find tables that are both smaller and larger than standard dimensions, so you should be able to source a piece that suits your home perfectly.

How big should a coffee table be in relation to a sofa?

Ideally, there should be around 45cm between your sofa and your coffee table. This will make it easy to reach your drinks and snacks but will also give you enough space to move easily around your table. Your coffee table should be between 2cm and 5cm lower than your sofa.

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