At Home with Castlery

Staying in with the right furniture is now more important than ever.
Here’s how we’re helping you shop easy from the comfort of your home!

Visualise in real life.

Powered by augmented reality (AR), our new, all-in-one shopping app lets you preview designs in your space and checkout in just a few easy taps.

Explore our Virtual Studio.

‘Walk through’ our Jit Poh studio and browse our products from the comfort of your home (and pyjamas!)
The key to feeling good? Setting the right mood.

Work from home, easy

Work from home, easy

We know the feeling — the kettle’s boiling and the bed’s calling. Keep distractions at bay with the right furniture; sometimes it’s turning the dining table into a workspace for the day or getting one as a work desk (it’s spacious enough for your computer, files and more!)

Gather the family

The kids are now home all day! Bond over boardgames and movie marathons. We recommend modular layouts and ultra-cushy seating to make nights in more enjoyable.

Dine in better

With more eating in, the right ambience can really whet an appetite and lift your spirits after a long day. Feast your eyes on the best of dining.

Stay in bed

We’re all snoozing in more these days and an inviting bedroom is the key to feeling rejuvenated (even if it’s hard to get out of bed). Browse bedroom staples now.

Get organised

A clear head starts with a clear space. You’d be surprised how a little decluttering can help transform your home.

Remember to chill

Indulge in some self-care, whether it’s reclining in an armchair with a book or finding a quiet corner to stretch.

Little steps to comfort

It’s all in the details. Adding a pouf or laying out a rug softens your home instantly and makes it so much more inviting.
Serving you better.

Contactless Delivery

You may now opt for self-assembly and our delivery partners will place your unassembled item(s) at your doorstep upon arrival.

Easy Disposal

Out with the old, in with the new! We offer disposal of your old furniture (like-for-like items) for only a minimal fee.

Free Storage

Can’t move in yet? Enjoy up to 2 months of free storage for your purchased items until you’re ready to have them delivered.