Wood Coffee Tables

Add warmth to your space with a wood coffee table. From round to rectangle, solid acacia wood to mango wood, we’ve got a variety of coffee tables designed with your modern home in mind.

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How to clean wood coffee table?

The wood coffee table is a practical and aesthetic piece of furniture for your living room, but even a timeless beauty like it needs to be maintained well to keep it looking its best.

Clean the dust off your wood coffee table

With a lint-free cloth, clean the dust off your wood coffee table regularly. This helps to preserve its gleam.

Wash your wood coffee table

When you have been using your wood coffee table for quite some time, it might be starting to lose some of its gleam. But fret not, the look and feel of your wood coffee table can easily be refreshed with a simple washing method, without the usage of potent chemicals. All you need to create the cleaning solution is a warm bowl of water mixed with just a bit of soap. With this solution, dip a soft cloth into it and use this soft cloth to give your wood coffee table a thorough wipe down. Subsequently, rinse this cloth and with fresh water this time, wipe your wood table again. Finally, wipe your wood coffee table with a dry cloth to dry it.

A natural method to manage scratches and dents

If your wood coffee table has been with you for a long period of time, the appearance of scratches and dents might be inevitable. A solution that you can take to conceal these scratches and dents is with fresh walnuts or Brazil nuts, as natural oils from these nuts has a darkening effect on wood. To do so, crack open a nut and then rub its meat over the scratch, then wipe over it with a clean cloth. Repeat this procedure until the scratch is concealed and blends right in with the wood.

Complementary furniture for your wood coffee table

For a complete redesign of your living space, team your wood coffee table with other furniture from our range, including 2 and 3 seater sofas, sectional sofa choices, TV stands, as well as shelves and cabinets. Match items together for a cohesive look or go for an eclectic approach with a mixture of styles, materials and finishes.

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