Modular Sofas

Versatile and stylish, modular sofas can be adjusted to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes. Use your modular sofa as a luxurious chaise, create a sumptuous corner sofa, or opt for a U-shaped design and create the ultimate seating area in your ... Read more

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The benefits of a modular sofa

Modular sofas are a great option for those who want to create a bespoke seating area for their home. Simply select as many modules as you need and put them together to create the sofa that suits your living room perfectly.

One of the main benefits of modular sofas is that they can be adjusted as your needs change. So, if you need more room for a growing family, or move into a larger home, you can simply add another module to the piece and your sofa will transform to fit your requirements.

How to choose the perfect modular sofa for your home

Because modular sofas are so versatile, it’s easy to find the perfect furnishing for your home. When selecting a modular sofa, think about the size and shape of the seating area you want to create. If you have limited space, choose a loveseat. Add an ottoman to the piece to maximize comfort and give friends and family somewhere to sit when they come to visit.

If you have more space, why not build a modular corner sofa? This type of spacious seating area can easily be used as a sofa bed or expanded further to create an extra-large modular couch able to accommodate a large number of visitors.

Modular sofa fabrics

Castlery modular sofas are available in a great choice of fabrics. For the ultimate touch of luxury opt for a velvet sofa or, for a pet friendly piece that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, choose a leather sofa. Match your sofa with a complementary Castlery cabinet or side table to create the perfect modular lounge look.

Explore our stylish range of high quality modular sofas and create the ideal seating area for your home.

Modular Sofa FAQs

What are modular sofas?

Modular sofas are sofas that come in separate pieces, or ‘modules’. These modules can be put together to create 2 and 3-seater sofas, corner units or even U-shaped designs. You can choose to set your modular sofa up as a chaise, put arms at both ends or create a modern, open-ended seating space. This versatility makes modular sofas suitable for almost every type of living area.

Are modular sofas any good?

Modular sofas are a great choice for those who want a seating space that suits their needs perfectly. Comfortable and versatile, they’re a great way to enhance the look and usability of your home and ensure everyone in your household has somewhere soft to sit at the end of the day.

Why are modular sofas so expensive?

Modular sofas are comparable in price to standard 2 and 3-seater designs. However, because people often opt to make their modular sofas larger than standard couches, they can seem more expensive.

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