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Explore our range of chaise lounges and chaise sofas. A great way to add comfort to any living room. Buy Now Pay Later. 14 Day Easy Returns. Shop Now!

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Chaise Sofas

The Chaise Sofa - Luxurious, Stylish, Elegant

Chaise lounge sofas have long been associated with luxury, style and elegance. Perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and even hallways, these versatile pieces can help you to create a flexible and attractive interior.

Where to put your chaise sofa

Chaise sofas can be used in place of a standard 2 or 3 seater sofa or added to a seating area to make it more comfortable. A lot of people opt to combine their living room chaise with a set of armchairs to create a generous seating area that can accommodate everyone.

You can also match a left hand chaise with a right hand chaise, or a standard loveseat, to make a corner sectional sofa. Combining pieces in this way allows you to create a bespoke seating space and a generous, welcoming living room.

Because they’re one of the more versatile seating solutions available, chaise sofas are also commonly used in other parts of the home. Add a touch of luxury to your interior with a chaise in your bedroom or bathroom or install a chaise in your guest room for use as an occasional sofa bed.

How to accessorize your chaise sofa

Make your chaise look even more indulgent by draping it with cushions and throws. The more inviting your chaise looks, the more irresistible it will be to visiting friends and family.

What’s the best material for a chaise sofa?

Chaise sofas come in a choice of materials. For a clean, contemporary look, opt for a chaise upholstered in light grey, dark grey or teal fabric. If you want a classic aesthetic and a timeless piece of furniture, choose a chaise in a sumptuous leather finish.

Find out more about our beautiful chaise sofas, and find the perfect piece for your home, by browsing our collection today.


What is a chaise sofa?

A chaise sofa is essentially a sofa with an arm at just one end. Because of their opened-ended design, chaise sofas are often used as day beds and sofa beds. They’re also perfect for use as occasional seating in bedrooms, dressing rooms and living areas.

What’s the difference between a modular sofa and a chaise?

A traditional chaise sofa is a single, solid piece of furniture that can’t be rearranged to create other styles. A modular sofa is a versatile type of sofa that comes in a number of different parts.

A lot of people opt to leave the arm off one end of their modular sofa in order to turn it into a chaise. This can work really well if you want a sofa that you can really stretch out on or if you want your seating area to feel open and welcoming.

Are chaise sofas practical?

Chaise sofas are a practical solution for a number of interior design problems. Versatile and elegant, they can be used as day beds and sofa beds and so help to create a flexible layout and multifunctional space. Chaise sofas are also very comfortable to sit or lie on, making them ideal for living areas and snugs.