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The dining table is a social place where memories are made. As the pillar of your house, it’s important to choose a timeless design that will accompany all your special celebrations. With an array of options, Castlery can help to select the ... Read more

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Modern Dining Tables

The main purpose of a dining table is to share a meal and gather the entire family. Dining tables often last a lifetime and if you have kids, they will be a mainstay of your home right up until they leave the house. Picking a dining table is no easy task, and there are many factors to consider.


Even though the name suggests eating, dining tables can serve various purposes and its function will determine the style and material. Couples or empty nesters might consider something more design-forward and stylish as it may be used for entertaining guests.

Families might use the dining room table as an extension of the kitchen and lounge, where homework is done, arts and crafts are created or food is prepared. Things are likely to get messy with large families, so the materials need to be easy to clean and non-porous.


Dining tables can be made of a variety of materials and incorporate an even wider range of finishings.

Some materials can be porous, that means they easily absorb spills, while others are polished and treated not to absorb liquids.

Porous materials include stone, wood, concrete, ceramic and granite. You can prevent staining by adding a glass countertop to these materials or purchasing a dining table that has been treated not to be porous.

Besides porosity, some materials are more durable and resistant whereas others are more easily scratched or chipped. Wood is more delicate than concrete or granite.

Concentrating on the look, consider using different materials for the table top and legs. Great ideas are to combine a hardwood top with cast iron legs, two styles of wood like solid oak and teak. Or the DIY look of a walnut top with a tree trunk base.

Size & shape

Make sure that your dining room table fits the area. Measure precisely before purchasing any dining room furniture as the items will look much smaller on the showroom floor.

Leave enough space for dining chairs so that you can walk freely around a table even when your family members are seated. Consider the height of your table too. Standard sizing is 76cm, but you may want something a little lower if you have kids or teens or lower if you like floor seating as is traditional in many Asian homes.

Shape means functionality. Compliment your dining table with the shape of your room to optimise a space. Circle, oval and round tables offer more room and are best for smaller areas. Standard rectangular dining tables are a classic fit for larger spaces. A long narrow table could provide a great communal setting where dining benches can replace chairs.

Some dining room tables are collapsable, folding up into a compact unit which can be really space saving. Other options include the lift top variety which transforms a coffee table into a dining table, or the drop leaf unit where the sides fold down.


The style of your dining room set will be influenced by flooring. Some materials will contrast while others will compliment. Wooden furniture is an all-round winner for all styles of flooring from parquet to tile.

The style you pick will all come down to personal preference. Always take into account your other furniture like coffee tables, sofas, kitchen countertops and office desks.

If you are looking to make a statement, pick the opulent Rajashtani style. Other styles to consider include the design-centric Eames, the curvaceous French provincial style, hip Balinese, trestle-base Hamptons, streamlined Scandinavian, speckled wooden butcher block or the low Japanese table with floor seating.

From the boho chic to the rustic farmhouse and onto the retro cottage feel, you can spruce up the living space with a blend of contemporary and nostalgic.

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