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Gray Bed Frames

Calming gray can add a softening and relaxing touch to any bedroom. Gray bed frames are ideal for adding some serenity to your bedroom sanctuary, providing a flexible and versatile base to add some more bold or vibrant colors.

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Gray Bed Frames

Gray bed frame colors and materials

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and therefore should be a relaxing and calming place. That’s why gray bed frames are such a great choice. Gray is a neutral tone with relaxing properties, but also acts as a great base color to layer your colors around the rest of the room with cushions and lighting. Gray will also fit with any existing color scheme, without clashing or drawing the eye. Our gray bed frames can be fabric covered too, adding some soft touch luxury to your sleeping space.

Style choices for gray bed frames

Fabric covered bed frames make for an elegant and luxurious sleeping space, softening the edges around your bed while also adding a block of neutral tone to contrast with the wall color. Gray bed frames also work well with almost any kind or color or bedding. Which means you can have different color sheets for different moods or seasons and never have to clash. Gray bed frames also work well with other bedroom furniture or as part of bedroom sets if you’re looking for a complete overhaul.

Storage and accessories

Bedroom storage can come in very handy, especially for storing extra bedding, duvets and other bulky items that take up lots of room in cupboards. It is possible to get bed frames with integrated storage sections which are ideal for keeping large items, in the form or built in draws and under bed boxes. Bedroom accessories such as throws and pillows can also add new dimensions in terms of fabric and color choices, creating a more cozy and comfortable sleeping environment.


What goes with a gray bed frame?

As a neutral tone, gray is a very versatile color and one that gives you a huge amount of options. With everything from blue to pink to yellow teaming well with gray, a bed frame in this color allows you to have a choice of bedding in different colors to suit your mood or the time of year.

What color sheets go with a gray bed frame?

Most color sheets will work with gray which, like black or white, is a neutral tone rather than a color statement. This means you can be bold with your color choices and even mix and match different sets of sheets, without being tied to just a few tonal choices.

How do you accessorize a gray bedroom?

Gray is a versatile color but can be a little flat so try and accessorize with some other colors, using throws, pillows and curtains to add color or patterns to your bedroom space. Use the gray as your base tone and layer up tones using the soft furnishings for a more varied palette.

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