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Small Ottoman

Add a small Ottoman to your living room layout to maximize its usability and bring a splash of color and style to the space. Perfect for pairing with armchairs, sofas and loveseats, small Ottomans will add both looks and functionality to your living area.

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Small Ottoman

How to find the right small Ottoman for your home

A small Ottoman will make a fantastic addition to your living room. The perfect partners for small 2 seater sofas, as well as comfortable chairs and loveseats, Ottomans provide you with handy additional seating as well as a comfy place to put your feet up while watching TV.

When selecting a small Ottoman for your home, think about the other furnishings you already have in the space. If you have a coffee table with a mid-century modern look, then choose an Ottoman that complements its vintage aesthetic. Alternatively, if you’ve already invested in an eye-catching armchair & accent chairs, try to choose an Ottoman that stands out from the crowd.

Where do you put a small Ottoman in a living room?

Ottomans generally sit close to armchairs, sofas and sectional sofas in the living room layout. This is because an Ottoman can act just like a foot stool, giving you somewhere to stretch out and relax when watching a good film.

However, Ottomans are very flexible pieces of furniture and, as well as being used as footstools, they can provide extra seating for friends and family and even be used as occasional tables. This versatility allows them to be placed anywhere in the room that best suits your needs. Why not play around with your living room layout to see where your new small Ottoman works best?

If you think a small Ottoman could look good in your living room, why not explore our beautiful collection of Ottomans and accessories today?


What is the difference between a pouf and an Ottoman?

Poufs often resemble large cushions while Ottomans tend to have a rigid frame under their upholstery and are generally firmer than poufs. It’s also common for Ottomans to be raised off of the ground by short, elegant legs, while poufs often sit flat on the floor.

Should an Ottoman be higher or lower than couch?

While the exact positioning of your furniture is completely up to you, in general, Ottomans look better when they’re the same or slightly lower than the level of a couch. Having an Ottoman that’s lower than a couch is also a lot more comfortable when it comes to putting your feet up at the end of a busy day.

Does your Ottoman have to match your couch?

Choose an Ottoman that matches the color and style of your couch to create a classic, seamless aesthetic. Alternatively, opt for an Ottoman in a contrasting shade or style and create a little drama in your interior.

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