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Small Patio Furniture

Small Patio Furniture

Turn your patio into a sensational social space, or a relaxing refuge, with some carefully chosen outdoor furnishings. Whether your patio is just big enough for an armchair or large enough to accommodate a full dining set, giving your small outdoor area a little TLC can transform the space and help you create something truly special.

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Small Patio Furniture

What furniture should I put on my patio?

Patios can be fantastic places for dining, socialising and relaxation. Before you start investing in furniture for your patio, think about how you want to use the space. Will you host regular alfresco meals? Have friends and family round for drinks? Or will it be a place for you to curl up with a good book and enjoy some ‘me’ time?

If you plan to eat on your patio, invest in outdoor furniture that’s designed with dining in mind. If you want a more relaxed feel, opt for lounge furniture sets that include sofas and armchairs. Alternatively, if your patio space is going to be a little haven just for you, furnish it with a chaise-style sofa or a large, comfortable chair.

How to arrange patio furniture on a small deck

Pushing your furniture to the very edges of your deck can help to make the area feel bigger and allow you to maximize your floor space. Place your outdoor sofa along one edge of your deck, and then put your armchair along the opposite or adjoining wall. If your deck is big enough, place a small coffee table in front of the sofa to boost usability and make the space feel complete.

If you want to make a dining area on your deck but don’t have the space for a full set of chairs as well as a table, why not choose a pair of benches instead? Benches take up less room than chairs and so will make it easier to create a stylish and comfortable place to eat in a bijou setting.

For more ideas and inspiration, and to explore our collection of outdoor furnishings and outdoor accessories, take a look around today.


How do you arrange furniture on a round patio?

When arranging furniture on a round patio, remember that the center of the circle will be the natural focal point of the space. Place your coffee table or dining table in the middle of the circle and work from there.

L-shaped sofas can look great on round patios, as can small sofas and armchairs as these can be positioned to emphasize the curve of the space.

How do I make my deck look cozy?

A great way to make your deck look cozy is to put blankets or throws over the backs of your chairs or sofa. Adding cushions will also help to soften the look of your patio and make the space more welcoming.

How do I maximize my deck space?

Maximize your deck space by placing furnishings at the edge of the area and keeping clutter to a minimum. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture, and a few beautiful plants and decorative pieces, will look fantastic and allow you to make full use of the space.

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