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Como Dining Chair, Set of 6New

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The Como Dining Chair is a feast for the eyes, with its gently-curved silhouette and charming wicker details.

Product Details

Frame:Circular chair frame is a new style offering in current dining chair range
Material:Steel Frame with PE Wicker Seat & Backrest
Max Bearing Support:286.6 lbs
Care:Outdoor Dining Set
Color Variance:Disclaimer

Product Dimensions

dimension of Como Dining Chair, Set of 6
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Dimension:W23.2" x D26.4" x H30.1"
Seatable Width:17.3"
Seating Depth:17.3"
Seating Height:17.7"
Weight:52.9 lbs
Backrest Height:14.6"
Packaging Dimensions:1 Box

Delivery & Warranty

Cancellation:Free Before Dispatch
1 Year Limited Warranty (Included)
Return Policy:14-Day Return
Delivery Condition:Fully Assembled
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